Toyota named in class action lawsuit over defective dashboards

Toyota Motor Corporation



According to the class action complaint, less than two years ago, Toyota extricated their automotive operations from class action litigation in this Court on the basis that millions of owners of automobiles with defective dashboards would receive voluntary and comprehensive warranty coverage. In light of the announced implementation of the warranty program in December 2014, the Prior Action was resolved individually and dismissed.

The warranty program, however, made promises Defendants could not keep. In particular, Defendants commenced the program without adequate replacement parts. Defendants exacerbated their problem by only permitting consumers to obtain the warranty service at authorized dealers, most of which did not have sufficient inventory. Even today, approximately 1 year and 8 months since the commencement of the program, Defendants are utterly incapable of completing their dashboard warranty obligations in a timely or reasonable fashion. Plaintiff, whose name has been on a wait list and will remain waiting on that list for many more years, will not receive the warranty repair prior to the expiration of the program. Consequently, Plaintiff now seeks to remedy this breach of warranty for herself and a nationwide class of consumers.


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