Samsung named in class action lawsuit over defects in Galaxy S mobile phone


As alleged in the complaint, Galaxy S mobile phones suffer from a software or hardware defect, which causes the phones to randomly freeze, shut down, and power-off while in standby mode, rendering the phones inoperable and unfit for their intended use and purpose.

After Samsung released the Galaxy S phones during the summer of 2010, consumers immediately contacted Samsung and Samsung’s authorized agents and resellers to complain about the defect. Consumers also have posted myriad complaints about the defect on Internet websites, including on Samsung’s own website. Samsung has admitted such a defect and suggested several alternate remedies to consumers, all without success.

According to the complaint, Samsung and its authorized agents and resellers provided Class members with ineffective and damaging “software updates” and phone resets and replacement Galaxy S phones suffering from the same defect. This inadequate  response has only perpetuated an endless cycle of futility for Plaintiff and for Class members and has not cured the defect or provided Class members a product that conforms to all express and implied warranties.

Samsung and its authorized agents and resellers have been unable or unwilling to repair the defect or offer Plaintiff and Class members a non- defective Samsung Galaxy S phone or reimbursement for the cost of such phone.

Plaintiff and Class members suffered injury and lost money or property as a result of purchasing a phone that repeatedly shuts off and loses data, purchasing a new phone just to ensure the ability to receive communications, and having expended time and resources addressing this issue with Samsung or its representatives without success. Samsung failed to remedy this harm, and Samsung earned and continues to earn substantial profits from selling defective Galaxy S phones.

Plaintiff brings this action against defendant Samsung on behalf of  California residents, who purchased a defective Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone.

Complaint: Samsung 7-23-13

catherine h. said
850 days ago
I and several other people that I know with the same phone have had the same issues in PA. Is there a similar suit for PA? If not, how do we start one?

Willa M. said
842 days ago
I have been having exactly the same issue. In addition, I can only use my phone if it is plugged into a phone charger, which negates its use as a "mobile" phone. My carrier, Credo, does nothing to help with the problem because when the phone began having issues it was just out of warranty. So, I am stuck in a two-year mobile phone contract with a phone provided by the carrier that actually now only functions as a landline handset.

melissa b. said
787 days ago
I have owned several of the galaxy S phones and each one does the above stated problems. I live in NC though and not CA. My carrier is sprint and they have refused in the past and also presently refuse to address the problem.

Mary G. said
773 days ago
My last two phones were Samsung Galaxy S series, and both died just out of warranty, too soon to upgrade. Both were power issues. My carrier is no help. Is there a class action in Indiana?

Sharene P. said
635 days ago
me and my husband have had nothing but issues with our samsung phones and we have warranties on our phones we pay $8 a month but the phones always lock up freeze shut themselves off with a full battery then sometimes turn themselves back on, one phone even shocked me while it was charging, he went to our cellphone provider we call so and so forth always the same problems we are sick and tired of it and my last try was to contact samsung and I got nothing till I mentioned I would join a class action lawsuit then they started being nicer but still was unhelpful and a waste of time they want me to send in all my phones that I have had problems with and then they will see what they can do, oh and the best part they said they won't provide a loaner so where I had a phone while they repaired mine but they said I should buy a new one till they get mine fixed. why would I need mine fixed if I bought a new one and hello if I get a new one it won't be a samsung the last few samsung phones me and my husband have had have all been junk

diane d. said
510 days ago
I am in pa I have a Samsung galaxy centura does it include this model mine freezes up when it wants to ,and there are other issues with it to.

mike f. said
424 days ago
After going in for repairs three times in only the eight months I've had my samsung galaxy s3. This phone would not let me call 911 for help when I needed it. This phone powers down several times a day. It drops calls, wont let me make calls, is troublesome to charge. At times it just powers down, and freezes frequently.

Dean B. said
162 days ago
I have had problems with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
AT&T refuses to replace my known defective device.
They have sent me 4 refurbished phones and they all had the same or similar or new issues. Today I am returning the 5th refurbished
phone as this is an unacceptable solution. I filed FCC complaint ##335679, AT&T case # 31400800. CNN Money just reported that Samsung and a British firm confirmed that there is a known software issue with the key pad. AT&T and Samsung have both known of this software and related security flaw for over a year and both took no action to inform it's customers. The answer and solution that I get from AT&T is to send me a 5th refurbished cell phone instead of a new device. I contacted Samsung and they informed me that they do not replace faulty cell phones with a new phone. They again as att only replace these phones with a 5th defective device. See AT&T case number 314000800 and FCC
Case 335679. BTW the US military has accepted this phone as a approved device. I beg to know who is testing these phones before they are sold.

Stacy s. said
116 days ago
I am in Illinois. I purchased my Samsung G3 7 months ago. after 6 months have had trouble with charger port. black and green screen. I did all the online tips and none of them work.

Reagan M. said
104 days ago
I have a samsung galaxy centura and I am having freeze ups and battery overheating issues in which every time I have to put the phone and battery in the freezer for about 10 mins or put it on a air conditioner grate for awhile and also the antenna (curved lines dont stay on and it keeps doing things at random, and shuts dow by its self other problems...[tracfone]

Robert M. said
65 days ago
my husband and I have the samsung galaxy phones and also 2 other people on our plan .We have all been having freeze ups and the batteries go dead really fast..Some times they just shut off for no reason what so ever.We are ATT customers

Robert M. said
65 days ago
my husband and I have the samsung galaxy phones and also 2 other people on our plan .We have all been having freeze ups and the batteries go dead really fast..Some times they just shut off for no reason what so ever.We are ATT customers

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