Pepperidge Farm named in class action lawsuit over GMOs in its “Natural” Cheddar Goldfish® Crackers

Pepperidge Farm


Pepperidge Farm markets, advertises, sells and distributes “Natural” Cheddar Goldfish® Crackers

According to the complaint, Defendant made and continues to make false and misleading claims regarding its representation that the Product is “Natural.” Defendant has mistakenly or misleadingly represented that the Product is “Natural,” when in fact, it is not, because it contains bio-engineered food, more commonly known as Genetically Modified Organisms (“GMOs”) in the form of GMO soy and/or soy derivatives.

As alleged,  Defendant’s “Natural” statement prominently displayed on the Product’s packaging and/or labeling is false, misleading, and likely to deceive reasonable consumers, such as Plaintiff and members of the Class, because the Product is not “Natural,” due to the presence of soybean oil in the Product.

GMOs are plants that grow from seeds in which DNA splicing has been used to place genes from another source into a plant. Contrary to Defendant’s express or implied representations, the Product uses plants or plant derivatives grown or created from GMOs.  Defendant’s marketing of the Product as “Natural” is false, because GMOs’ genetic makeup has been altered through biotechnology to exhibit characteristics that do not otherwise occur in nature.

The complaint seeks an Order prohibiting Defendant from including genetically modified ingredients in its “Natural” Products or, in the alternative, from representing the Products are “Natural” when they are not, because bio-engineered soy is not “Natural.”

Juanita W. said
1407 days ago
We buy these in Walmart

chris c. said
1399 days ago
We have been allowing our 12 year old son to eat this because it says natural !!! We are so careful not to buy GMO foods and always thought that goldfish were GMO free...I am incensed at the!

Brandi V. said
1399 days ago
This is almost as disgusting as the company who sold Fluoridated Nursery Water back in the 90's. Their audience: mothers of infants.

Jennifer K. said
1399 days ago
Very sad to find out about this. These are the crackers I've been giving children in my daycare and even my own son. I thought they were made with natural ingredience!!!

Dawn P. said
1399 days ago
I used to give these to my children. For years, up until about three years ago. I was furious when I learned that GMOs can be labeled as "natural." What's more, I ate these non-stop when I was pregnant with my first child, who I lost to a stillbirth due to a genetic malformation for which I was told there was "no known cause" at that time. I ate GMO soy in these goldfish and other foods like crazy because I didn't know back then and I was a vegetarian, so soy was my way to get protein. I often wonder if I had known about GMOs, would my pregnancy outcome have been different? There's absolutely NOTHING natural about GMOs. Now, we look for the Verified GMO free label, but I'd love for them, and other manufacturers lying about GMOs by calling them natural to pay for their crimes against our health.

Cindy O. said
1399 days ago
I loved these crackers but recently have been getting severe heartburn from them...wonder if it's the GMOs. This is so wrong...this requires labeling at the very least.

shekhinah d. said
1399 days ago
I am afraid I too bought into the "all natural" of these crackers. I do not feed my kids GMOs and bought these expensive gold fish crackers thinking I was buying them a healthy snack...we have been buying three bags a week for the last few years, I am just sick over this.

John K. said
1399 days ago
Really people?! Get over yourselves! If you don't want to eat the soybean oil, then don't! And honestly you have a lot more things to worry about your children being exposed to in this world than soybean oil. Hope you let you're kids outside to enjoy our "pure" sun rays on their skin and "clean" air that they breathe...pathetic! Have a nice day!

Robin R. said
1398 days ago
I am so disappointed in Pepperidge Farm. I won't be purchasing these crackers anymore, and I will be Scrutinizing all of the other products this company produces before I place anything else in my shopping cart.

mike a. said
1398 days ago
Goldfish have been a favorite snack of mine for decades, and for my children for several years. These food corps think they're being cute with their "natural" labels. I hope they get their socks sued off. BTW-pepperidge farms, done with your products until you dump the gmo's

Lawrence N. said
1397 days ago
The only way to deal with these companies is to stop buying their products and never buy them again, even if they change them. They betrayed you when they thought they could get away with it, and should not be forgiven, ever. You can make better, cleaner, cheaper, at home. Processed foods are toxic.

Crystal C. said
1374 days ago
My 3 kids have been eating these since they were 1. Grossed out right now! GMO=Cancer........discusting, horrible!

crystal z. said
1364 days ago
we are constantly buying these! I strive to provide my children with as many NATURAL products as possible. We have 10 children and bought so very many of these, I just wish we had saved all receipts.

yvonne c. said
1360 days ago
Extremely upset that my 4 and 6 year old nephew have been eating these since they were 1. Shame on you Pepperidge Farm!

MaryPat C. said
1358 days ago
How do you get involved with this lawsuit...I buy them all the time>??

Tamara C. said
1356 days ago
I purchased these for my children all the time. We would purchase the big milk carton on and let our children get the smaller packs for school lunches etc. How long have they known this?

Jessica S. said
1352 days ago
My kids love Goldfish snacks! I let my boys have them because they are healthier than some other snacks out there. I used to eat these myself when I was younger. I am devastated to hear this. This is all very upsetting to be deceived like this.

Andrea R. said
1333 days ago
I purchase these for my kids but not anymore. Labeling a product "natural" that contains GMO-derived ingredients is mis-leading and unethical! We have to fight for labeling of products containing GMOs!!! As of right now I have to assume if it isn't labeled non-GMO then it must contain GMO.

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