Lakewood Juices named in class action lawsuit over use of terms cold pressed and fresh pressed

Florida Bottling Inc.

This is a class action on behalf of a California class of consumers who purchased Lakewood Organic Juices (“Juices”) made by Florida Bottling bearing the phrases “cold pressed” and “fresh pressed” on their labels.

Lakewood markets a diverse line of pure organic and premium fruit juice products. Lakewood represents that its Juices are both “cold pressed” and “fresh pressed.” As alleged, these representations are false and misleading because Lakewood Juices are heat processed (pasteurized).

By law, the term “fresh,” when used on a food label in a manner that suggests or implies that the food is unprocessed, means that the food has not been subjected to thermal processing or any other form of preservation. Accordingly, juice that has been pasteurized cannot be labeled with the term “fresh.”

The term “cold pressed” is a non-thermal processing method that uses high pressure to kill bacteria rather than heat thereby maintaining most of the juice’s nutrients and living enzymes, which otherwise get destroyed by heat. Again, according to the complaint. juice that has been cold pressed cannot simultaneously be pasteurized.

Lakewood represents to consumers that its Juices are both cold pressed and fresh pressed in bold, italic, underlined, and large font on the front labels of the Juice bottles. But the truth is that Lakewood Juices are neither. In-deed, on the back of the label, in much smaller print, buried in the middle of a paragraph, Lakewood describes its Juices as pasteurized—a fact that renders the representations on the front of the Juice labels false and misleading.

Jon W. said
324 days ago
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David R. said
214 days ago

. said
198 days ago
Slightly inaccurate but mostly very informative.
Technically a juice can be cold pressed then pasteurized afterwards so "cold-pressed" might be true, yet misleading. Also, high pressure processing is a form of pasteurization. Even though the juice isn't directly heated , the temperature does rise significantly from the extreme pressure. Raw, unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juices have active enzymes and microorganisms present giving them a shelf life of only about 2-3 days. While I believe companies need to be more responsible about labeling and production practices, ultimately it is the consumers responsibility to inform and educated themselves and also to hold companies accountable by choosing other brands. Unfortunately the research is not easy as there is not much transparency and also availability of selections of different product, specially in more rural areas.

Amber O. said
74 days ago
I am a consumer of Lakewood juices and would like them to be held accountable for and made to stop these misleading and dishonest labeling practices.

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