Jaguar Land Rover North America named in class action over battery failure in LR2 vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC

LR Rover


Plaintiff brings this action on behalf of themselves and all similarly-situated individuals and entities who own or have owned Land Rover LR2 vehicles (the “Vehicles”) manufactured and/or sold by the Defendant, Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC (“Land Rover” or “Defendant”) containing defective electrical systems which cause the battery to drain and cause the vehicle to have starting problems. The defective electrical system requires numerous service calls, attempted repairs, and upgrades without correcting the defect.

According to the complaint this battery drain is caused by a defective electrical system and/or entertainment system in the Vehicles (the “Defect”). The defective electrical system and/or entertainment system does not perform its essential function because it causes the battery to drain.

As alleged, the Vehicles are designed and manufactured with a uniform and inherent design defect that causes the battery to drain because the electrical and/or entertainment systems is defective. As a result of the Defect, the Vehicles do not start and the battery needs to be replaced. The damages are a result of the defective electrical and/or entertainment systems and their defective components.

Land Rover knew, or was reckless in not knowing, at or before the time it sold the first unit, that the Vehicles contained the Defect and that the Vehicles’ batteries would fail prematurely due to the Defect. Land Rover had sole and exclusive possession of this knowledge. Notwithstanding this knowledge, Land Rover made uniform and material misrepresentations and uniformly concealed material information in its marketing, advertising, and sale of the Vehicles, which Land Rover knew to be defective, both at the time of sale and on an ongoing basis.


Class Action Complaint

Angela m. said
821 days ago
I have a 2008 lr2. I have had this issue multiple times.

Tiffany S. said
746 days ago

Gabriel D. said
713 days ago
Yes they sold me the wrong vehicle where nothing about the vehicle sold to me matched the paper work for the vehicle given me as a result I signed a 0 open recall form while the vehicle had a branch of defects. I took the vehicle 3 time for the battery and break issues that I was having with it they returned it by saying the could find anything wrong with the vehicle September 2015 I got into a head on collision where me and my passenger almost lost our life due to the fact that the break, the seat belts, the air bags filled completely the found out that the vehicle had a branch of open recalls on it.

Sharon D. said
687 days ago
I own a 2010 LR2 with about 40,000 miles and have had on-going battery drain issues for the last few years. 2 tows and 2 new batteries in the last 18 months or so and today my car is dead in the garage for the 6-7th time since Ive owned the car. This is utterly ridiculous and I am more then tired of dealing with an unreliable car with obvious defects that no one seems to know how to repair.

Danielle F. said
647 days ago
I own a 2008 lr2 . I have had 4 batteries my car won't start again!!!!! Piece of crap!

Brian M. said
613 days ago
I own a 2009 LR2. I have had battery drain issues several times and finally decided to do some research and find out if other owners were having similar battery issues.

Gina M. said
523 days ago

Andrey K. said
506 days ago
I have 2010 LR2 with 62500 miles and the battery dies ocasionally, Sometimes in just a few days. I will play around with the Bluetooth feature to see if it is the only problem or a problem at all.

michael c. said
393 days ago
2010 LR2 bought in Canada. Can't go two days without being driven. Shuts down completely. I've put in at least three batteries over the years and no luck. Had reboots done on the system and spent thousands on the car in service. My 1995 Nissan starts and runs better at 280,000KM on it.

Travis S. said
365 days ago
2010 LR2. Same issue. We cannot leave the car parked longer than 5 days or the battery is completely drained and will not even unlock the car. We carry jumper cables everywhere we go, and have replaced the battery twice in the past 6 months.

Jessa K. said
349 days ago
Same here! Taking it back to a dealership soon because issues weren't resolved. I will definitely bring this up!
I would like to know if there's anything i can do?

Corey W. said
324 days ago
I am also having this issue with my LR2. 2010. No solution. My battery drains and when I finally get the car charged and running it won't run right until I clear the error codes.

kimberly r. said
254 days ago
My 2009 LR2 cannot sit without being started for more than 2 days. A new battery has not resolved the problem of battery drainage. I keep jumper cables in the car.

Andrey K. said
250 days ago
I own 2010 LR2 and it has died 4 times in the last 4 years. I replaced the battery on 1st time, but then figured out it was not it. I had dealer re-program the vehicle but it did not fix the battery drain. I have deleted all phones from the bluetooth system and the drain still comes back, but only once. my LR2 is in the garage most of the time.

Margaret S S. said
137 days ago
My 2010 Land Rover LR2 HSE has the same problem. New battery and car that will not start after being left for 2-3 days. Battery reads good but vehicle will not start. It continues to have a battery drain problem that can not be located.

Larry W. said
96 days ago
How to I sin up my landrover does it all the time if I leave it more than 3 days I have to jump it

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