Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC named in class action over sale of Range Rover with Delphi electronic air suspension systems

Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC

From the 2003 through the 2006 model years, Defendant Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC (“Land Rover”) sold Range Rover sport utility vehicles equipped with defective Delphi electronic air suspension systems that develop cracks in the rubber air bellows used in those systems.

As alleged, the defect—which can manifest at any time, at any speed, and under any driving condition—causes a loss of air pressure in the suspension system that renders Vehicles suddenly unable to travel in a straight line (the “Air Suspension Defect”), which poses a serious risk of injury and death. In addition to sudden and unexpected breakdowns that can force Class Vehicles to be stranded in the road, the Air Suspension Defect can cause the driver to lose control while the vehicle is in motion.

Plaintiff, who owns a 2006 Range Rover, is informed and believes that Land Rover knew or should have known about the Air Suspension Defect since at least as early as 2003. Plaintiff is informed that, in or about August 2006 after conducting its own internal investigation, Land Rover quietly acknowledged the existence of the defect in a Technical Service Bulletin (“TSB”) in which it concedes that these vehicles “may develop hairline cracks in the rubber material of the front air spring.  The cracks are likely located at the point where the air spring rolls over the plastic base.”

Contrary to its obligations under clearly-established law, Land Rover sold these Vehicles to unsuspecting consumers without notifying them that the Air Suspension Defect even existed, much less offer to repair the resulting problems without cost to the owner if the problem manifested itself outside of the Class Vehicles’ limited 4year/50,000 mile warranty, as Land Rover knew it would. Consequently, Plaintiff and members of the proposed class have been—and continue to be—exposed to a serious safety hazard and continue to bear the cost of repairs necessitated by the Air Suspension Defect on their own.

Plaintiff brings this action on behalf of himself and all other individuals who owned or leased a Class Vehicle for the purpose of requiring Land Rover to (1) notify all members of the proposed class of the nature and impact of the Air Suspension Defect, (2) reimburse proposed class members who have paid to fix the Air Suspension Defect, and (3) repair the Air Suspension Defect free of charge for those proposed class members who have yet to experience the defect, and for compensatory, statutory, and punitive damages.

Skyler S. said
1780 days ago
Range over broke down and suddenly burst into flames. It burned for 45 miniutes destroying car and at least 6000 dollars in personal possessions. It think the accident could be related to a faulty air suspension in the 2000 range rover.

Steve B. said
1765 days ago
Just purchased a2005 jaguar xjr and the front air suspension collapses while driving and rendered the vehicle unable to drive. If I start the at several times, occasionally something clicks and it reiflates. For a time. The dealership quoted me $5000 to replace the defective components with the same thing.
That sir, is insult to injury

bill g. said
1070 days ago
i hear that 2006 range rover steering columns are failing by the thousands. mine did. cost of new , required steering column is around $5000. mechanic tells me he sees it all the time and land rover should have had a recall on this issue. any news? thanks. bill

1002 days ago
Constant suspension issues with 2094 Land Rover range rover

1002 days ago
Sorry 2004 Range Rover. They need to pay! It's a constant suspension problem

Hillary S. said
68 days ago
Only had 2006 Range Rover 3.5 years and suspension is broke for the third time.

Clarke S. said
39 days ago
I have the same thing happened to my 2006 range Rover suspension

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