Timing chain guide failure at 86,000 miles

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Claudia P. said
1694 days ago
Dealer states timing chain guides need to be replaced at 86,000 miles. I see there is a class action for Pathfinders but it goes through 2007. My model year is 2008, but it was manufactured in 2007.

Shane H. said
1503 days ago
This just happened to me.. the right side secondary timing chain ate through the tensioner guide and into the tensioner piston, and destroying the tensioner, and both cam gears. the car was into the dealer several times before this happened and they made NO MENTION WATSOVER that this was a problem.. NEVER did they tell us that the timing chains would need replaced at 86,000 miles as mentioned in the previous comment.

Jaime M. said
1449 days ago
My car engine time chain is having a rare noisy sound, the same that I saw and hear in the You Tube video

Marie K. said
1334 days ago
My timing chain is failing in a 2007 Maxima which I bought new. I am at 88K miles but expected this vehicle to remain reliable for at least double that mileage. Estimate for repairs is $1700. Since there is a class action suit already against Nissan North America for this issue how do I join the class action?

Daniel S. said
1324 days ago
My Pathfinder had a squeeling high pitched sound coming from under the hood. One mechanic thought that it was the bearring in the alternator, turned out it was the timing chain. The vehilce only has 73K miles on it,, not $1,500 to replace the timing chain.

Jennifer K. said
799 days ago
Was anyone ever reimbursed for these repairs? I just put $2k in to this issue on a Quest.

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