Losing my home because of Nationstar Mortgage ( a 3rd party collection agency)

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I was previously under Bank of America mortgage and due to them going bankrupt they sold my mortgage to Nationstar a 3rd party collection agency in 2012. I have had nothing but issues since Nationstar took over my mortgage. In January 2015 I contacted Nationstar to ask if there was a program or some kind of assistance to help me get my mortgage back on track since at the time of call I was 2 months behind. I spoke to a Sr. Manager in the bankruptcy dept. who told me that I could be enrolled into the CAP program that would take the amount I owe and add it to the end of my loan to bring me current but that I would need to be 4 months behind in order to do so. I stated I could make a payment at the time of call but was advised by the Sr.Manager of Nationstar to not make any payments because in order to be enrolled into the "CAP program" I had to be 4 months. I followed the Sr. Managers advise and waiting until February to contact Nationstar because at that point I would be 4 months behind. I spoke to another Manager in the Bankruptcy dept. of Nationstar who stated he had enrolled me and there was nothing further I needed to do. I aksed if I needed to fill out any paperwork and was told no that all the information needed was in the Nationstar system and that I would hear something in about 30-60 days. I waited approximately 1 1/2 months and contacted Nationstar and was told my "CAP" application was still with the underwriter being reviewed and to call back towards the end of the 60 days. I contacted Nationstar around the 2nd week of April to find out that the "CAP Program" did not exist and I was misinformed and that my house was now in Foreclosure status due to being 6 months behind in mortgage payments. I was furious and decided to hire an Attorney. Then and Only did I get some kind of answers but no help to my matter because at this point I was hit with numerous attorney fees for the foreclosure and I was behind in mortgage payments that I could not afford to bring current. The attorney was able to get an Inhouse modification but my interest rate went from 2% to 4% and to a payment I can not afford. I was forced to take the modification so I didn't lose my house but I can not afford payments now because of what Nationstar (a 3rd party collection agency) did to me by lying and telling me that I was being enrolled into a program that never even existed. I have spoke to Nationstar and their only answer to me is to sale my house which is not an option I want to do. I am not the only one who has been screwed over by Nationstar. There are many victims who have lost their homes because of Nationstar. Please stop these criminals from stealing peoples houses by their lies and deceit. I can't even get a loan to get out from under Nationstar because of what they did to me.

Cathy H. said
738 days ago
I thought BOA was handling my mortgage brcause I was paying a forclosure atty so docs were going to their office. After 3 yrs of no progress atty states to file bankruptcy. They never even considered tje modification per this attoney office. They never went to court pwr court records and had the nerve to withdrawal from foreclosure. Now I have lost my home and got mothing for it.
I know there is equity.
Moving out of a home you had over 40 yrs is a bitter pull to swallow. I need attoney that will do thete job and stop letting Natiostar get away with this. I want to get my house back even though a fraudlent realtor has sold it.

Maryann R. said
730 days ago
Re: Mortgage Modification Fraud Program

I believed that the banks were bailed out of their failings and they were supposed to help the real victims of the recession, the homeowners through the mortgage modification program. Instead story after story tells of good hardworking people who were victims of the banks greed and avarice.
I am such a person, from whom the bank is actually attempting to steal my home from me. What the bank is doing to me (and many others) may be legal, but it is unethical and morally wrong and totally unjust! In my case they are stealing my home and about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars that I had had in equity in my home. Pure evil. Someone needs to hear our collective cry and help.

In 2007, I bought a breakfast/lunch café to run with my daughter (who has been in the restaurant business since college days). I put everything I had into the business, both financially and emotionally.

·The recession hit us very hard.

·I lost the business and was in a very bad situation since my only other livelihood was real estate and appraisals which was decimated by the market at the time.

·I fell behind on my mortgage as it took a while to regroup in that economy.

·I finally got back on my feet as I was threatened with foreclosure by Aurora Bank.

·I had a $250,000 mortgage and a lot of equity in the house as I have lived here since 1978 and before the recession imploded the prices, it was worth between about $700,000-$800,000. That has since been reduced when the housing market fell to about $400,000-$500,000.

·I got a lawyer and entered the court mediation program.

·I attended every mediation session and did everything I was asked to do at all times.
But at every mediation session, they asked me to either submit some new docs or re-submit docs and I was consistently told that I would get an answer in thirty days. This went on for about two years. I always complied. I also called the Bank between sessions to stay on top of things and was also then told to submit/resubmit docs. I always complied. I was frustrated and wondered that it was taking so long and was told it was par for the course. All I wanted was to get the modification and get on with my life. The stress was taking its toll on me and my health.

·On June, 2012, at a court mediation session, I was given a settlement offer for a mortgage modification by Aurora Bank. It was a reasonable and workable arrangement for me and I immediately accepted.

·Within three days I would receive the official documents by Fed-Ex. I was to have a check ready to wire to them on that day and each month starting in July.

·I went to my bank and got the money ready to wire and waited for the parcel. Nothing came.

·I called my lawyer, the court mediator, the Bank over and over and they told me not to worry, it would be there. Nothing happened. I kept calling everyone. They told me not to worry that the process was delayed a month and everything would begin a month later in August.

·Then finally, I was told that Aurora had sold my loan (along with others) to Nationstar Bank. But not to worry as soon as Nationstar settled in on the new loans, they would honor the agreement and I would get the paperwork.

·Finally I was told the truth: Nationstar would NOT honor the agreement that took me over two stress filled years to obtain while eating away at my equity (although I did EVERYTHING that was required of me the whole time). They wanted me to start over at the very beginning as if I had never done this at all.

·Since the only answer that my attorney had for me no matter what I asked was “I don’t know,” I dismissed him. Why pay him money to not know what I already don’t know for nothing? I continued the court mediation however. I went faithfully and did everything that was asked of me.

·The same things went on for over another two years continuing to eat at my equity and my health. Amazingly, Nationstar was even worse. Example: they would tell me they needed a specific document and then I scrambled to get it to them; the next time I called them, they said it was received but was the wrong doc although THEY specifically asked for what I sent them. All this took time.

·Another time they asked for a bank statement from my daughter (who lives with me in the house). This was for proof of residency in the house. I reminded them that they already had her income tax and pay stubs all with this address on them. They insisted on the bank statement. I told them that she does not use a bank, would a debit card statement do? She has direct deposit from her job into the debit card. The person checked with the supervisor, who said absolutely not. It had to be a bank statement. I hung up and waited a few days. I called back and got a DIFFERENT person. I asked would they accept a debit card statement since my daughter does not have a bank account. Again, a check with the supervisor. Yes, that would be fine, I was told. I sent it to them and checked in a few days. They confirmed that they had received it and it was adequate. All this took time and cost me lost equity that translates to lost (stolen) money from me.

· Finally after a couple more years of this nonsense, they made an offer that was MORE THAN DOUBLE what Aurora had offered me and DOUBLE my original payment.THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A MODIFICATION TO HELP THOSE IN DISTRESS, NOT CAUSE MORE DISTRESS! I was told the payment was so high because of all the charges that were incurred (while the bank stalled around at my expense). No way could this be construed as just.

·And no way could I afford it (double my original payment!!!). I was then told that CHAFA had a program for people in CT that would be exactly what I needed. Why was I not informed about this program on day one by either my attorney or the court mediation program? I had no idea about it or I would have jumped on it right away---years ago.

·The court moderator said I might not qualify now due the expenses incurred, because I had been in moderation for so long, were so high. The CHAFA lawyer said, it might work and if I am denied she would appeal it for me. I repeat, why was not knowledge of this program made available to me from the beginning, before I was yanked around?

·I was denied by CHAFA and the lawyer did not appeal it as she said she would. I was lead to believe that these people were paid a salary to help those of us that are in need and helpless. I was dropped cold.

·I was then told that I could get a reverse mortgage even though I was in foreclosure. I was unaware that this was a possibility. I decided to apply for a reverse mortgage, but because of the foreclosure expenses that ate up all my equity, the house lacked equity to qualify. It was a lost cause.

· So my $250,000 mortgage has now become a debt of nearly $500,000 all while I sat here complying with everything they asked me to do over and over and over again for nearly five years. And they act as if it is my fault it took so long. That is horrible, too. People look at me as if I planned all this stalling around using up my equity. To quote Shakespeare: "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" and for sure also in this whole mortgage modification fraud program.

·CHAFA has a rule that requires them to get back to you in thirty days with an answer. They ask for all documents up front and do not play these life destroying games the banks play. The banks should have had the same requirement applied to them when they accepted the bail out. Obviously, it is do-able. And if the banks failed to comply, no fees should be allowed to be passed on to the homeowner (beyond the thirty days) to affect the homeowner's equity or well being. Better believe that the banks would comply! And there is no doubt that the process would be accomplished in a very timely manner.

To make matters worse, in the beginning, as I was in process of getting back on my feet, I tried to make payments to the bank and the payments were refused. I was told that I had to go through the moderation. Had I been told about the CHAFA loan from the beginning or even was able to implement the first modification that was offered me from Aurora, I would now have a reverse mortgage and be able to live the remainder of my life. That is all I asked. The bank is stealing my house, stole my (equity) money of about $250,000, caused undue stress that adversely affected my health and well being. There is nothing left for me now. And to add insult to injury, I was forced to help fund them through the bailout and enable all this through my tax dollars.

The bank needs to be sued and made accountable for all monies they stole from me as well as all the stress and suffering they caused that was due to either incompetence or deliberate stealing through outright fraud. This is an outrageous injustice! Whatever happened to integrity, honesty and decency in this country? I need help now as my house will be auctioned soon.

Without doubt, there are many others who would like to join a class action suit against the banks for their ordeals that should not have happened.

R H. said
678 days ago

R H. said
678 days ago

Dawn R. said
576 days ago
Had country wide then bank of America then in 2013 they sold me to nation star mortgage company I was told from Bank of America to wait for a welcome page from Nation star mortgage company then send payments to them but in 3 months now welcome page I received foreclosure papers and ever since I have been fighting nation star mortgage company

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