Clogged sunroof drains leaked into electronic compartment beside rear hatch & caused nearly $3300 in electronics damage

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Jean H. said
1604 days ago
Car had always been previously garaged. For the past six months, it has been outside the garage. Stereo, bluetooth phone capability, BMW Assist, and all auto messages on the iDrive screen did not appear. Screen began blinking on and off, messages jumping around on the screen. BMW Assist called my cell to say that they had lost contact with the car and wanted to know if I were in an emergency. When BMW service looked into a rear compartment, there was water all in it and electronics were damaged. BMW service later told me that they had cleared the clogged drains and that it would cost $3300 to repair the damaged electronics and that I should notify my insurance company, who said this was not covered. This was through no fault of mine but leaving the car in the rain rather than having it garaged. No maintenance was ever performed on the drains to assure proper drainage and prevent thousands of dollars of damage to the car. I found a case in Australia on a 2008 BMW with the same situation; the man was told to call his insurance company, so this is apparently their rote response. I also found many other cases on blogs of X5 vehicles with this problem.

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