BMW 15,000 Mile Oil Change Policy Causes Severe Expense to Owners

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BMW offers a 15,000 mile oil change as part of the manufacturer's warranty. Not being a car expert myself, I thought that perhaps BMW knew something I didn't know because perhaps synthetic oils were getting better, etc. etc. Well, because of their long interval oil changes, which are designed for them to save money by providing fewer oil changes to their customers, my engine has a chronic history of engine sludging problems. My car has cost me over $12,000 in repairs over the past 4 years. To put this in perspective, I could have had a entire brand new engine put in for $6000, which would have alleviated all sludging issues. This is a really unacceptable amount of repair cost for a car that is supposed to be a high end vehicle that costs over $40,000 brand new to purchase. The engine light seem to come on every month or two and I get anxiety every time because I'm so worried that it will be yet another $1000 repair on a car that doesn't even have 100,000 miles on it yet. And indeed, I just go the call from my shop today and I am looking at another $1000. BMW's 15,000 mile oil change policy, which in 2013 they reduced to 10,000 miles, has cost me so much money and grief. I think they should be responsible for repaying my repair costs that are related to sludging caused by their 15,000 mile oil change policy.

Timothy M. said
488 days ago
When I brought my Bmw 528 i into the BMW dealership to be serviced ,I asked what is that noise ? I asked is that normal ? . I was told by the service manager "yeah they all make that sound " the sound being the ticking sound everyone refers too. I left with merely a oil change . 6 moths later and two more oil changes I get a onboard message " drivetrain malfunction " I immediately turned the car off. When I bring it to BMW ( the same dealership ) the drop the pan and see the chain snapped . Warranty doesn't cover the chain or tensioner and it was said that the tensioner broke got stuck in the chain and caused it to snap. Quoted a price of 21,000 to put a new engine in . I was told that I had scoring and that's why I needed the engine . I asked how did you see this if you never took the top of the engine off, I was told scoping cameras . Till this day the car is sitting stagnant and BMW says not their problem .
If I am directly asking you about a noise and you mis diagnose it your not responsible ? Further , why wasn't the oil seal on the tensioner changed being there was a tsb on it ?

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