Investigation of Volkswagen, Porsche & Audi over use of soy-based wiring susceptible to destruction by vermin

Volkswagen; Porsche; Audi

Volkswagen, Porsche & Audi drivers have complained of numerous electrical issues and failures caused by a variety of vermin gnawing, chewing and ultimately eating through the electrical wires powering these cars.  Upon information and belief the manufacturers of these vehicles use soy based sheathing on the electrical wires that attracts a wide variety of vermin such as mice, rodents, rats, squirrels and even animals as large as possums. Depending on the wires that are damaged, this may lead to a variety of problems resulting in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs.  In addition to the effect on a variety of electrical systems, which itself poses a safety hazard to drivers and vehicle occupants, these animals may carry disease and therefore pose an additional health hazard by their presence in vehicles.

Volkswagen, Porsche & Audi manufacturers are manifestly aware that use of an organic based sheathing on wiring components has attracted a variety of vermin, and caused hundreds, if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to affected vehicles.  Despite this knowledge, manufacturers have refused to accept responsibility for the damage and routinely reject consumer claims both in and out of warranty, placing the onus of the entire bill on the car owners.

We believe this practice is unfair and potentially actionable. If your car has been affected by this issue and you wish to discuss your legal rights and potential remedies please use the contact attorney box below.  Also, if you wish to share your story publicly, we welcome your comments below.


A class action complaint for use of soy wiring was just filed against Honda. See

Kelli W. said
1169 days ago
I just picked up my 2013 Honda Accord from the dealer with almost $2k worth of work completed due to a wood rat eating a main harness. Once week later, a rental bill, claim on my insurance, 2 adjuster visits I have it back in my possession. Then I find on Amazon Honda makes a shrink wrap tape specifically for the problem, are you kidding me!!! Fix it from the start instead of putting the burden on us consumers. I have had my car for less than a year, it has less than 26k miles on it. I drive it every day and have had a Hyundai Santa Fe for 10 years prior parked in the same carport never had a problem.

Henry L. said
1042 days ago
2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, similar issue. Repairs exceeding 5,000 and still no vehicle after 2 weeks with no end in sight. No warranty coverage and no loaner car. Comprehensive is covering repairs but shouldn't have to. Rodent damage is a known issue to the auto industry and it seems that an easy fix could be found if it were not for the millions of dollars in repairs being generated.

Rebecca N. said
1031 days ago
Just got my 2014 Audi Q5 back from service. The cause of the issue was rodents chewing thru several electrical wires, disabling the vehicle. This was not covered under warranty and cost me $800. Honestly, I'm outraged with what I read about this known issue ofthe soy-based material and can't believe Audi isn't taking responsibility for this! Not only did this issue ruin my vacation, but I feel like there is absolutely nothing I can do to prevent this from happening again. I have loved this vehicle and the dealership I work with, but that has changed. I'm not even sure if I should keep this car or ever buy another german car knowing the risk that it could fail at any time. Something needs to be done.

Dale J. said
968 days ago
Starting in late July this year ... have had my 2012 Toyota Prius in for rat wiring chewing 4 times and about $2,000 in charges. Just heard about this soy issue. No problem with my '98 Jeep Wrangler or '67 MGB-GT. Any recourse or are we just out of luck and $2,000?

Jud S. said
963 days ago
For the past three years I have been in the repair shop on a regular basis with a 2011 Chevy Silverado HD 2500. I lost the 4WD among other things due to rodents chewing up the wires. I paid over $2000. I finally traded that one in and the new one I hide in the garage. How do you advertise this vehicle as a farm/ranch truck when you equip it with rodent lure? Recently my vet parked his Suburban for two weeks in the driveway, and guess what, he lost his AC to rodents. This is not only a safety issue as the rodents take out airbag wires, but an advertising issue.

Chase P. said
955 days ago
I have a 2013 Audi A4 with 23k miles on it. The local dealer is telling me that my bumper to bumper warranty does not cover rodent range that is going to cost $2100 in repairs!

Kathy S. said
938 days ago
I have had my 2013 Chevy Sonic to the dealer THREE times in less than a year for rabbits and/or mice eating the "green" wiring under the hood! No responsibility from Chevy despite numerous phone calls. If there is a class-action to deal with this, count me in!

Bob C. said
932 days ago
My brand new (less than 3500 miles) 2015 Golf GTI is in the shop for repairs due to holes in the under-hood wiring caused by rodents. I'm told it will be a minimum of $500 to repair

Dennis V. said
921 days ago
Just was told my 06 Audi S4 has rodent damage for the second time! They want $1000 just to analyze the problem this time. The tech told me that the manufacturer uses soy based rubber for vacuum lines as well as wiring. and to top it off he tells me that the use peanut oil as a lube during the initial wiring assembly. Are you kidding me? Is this true? If it is, my lifelong love of German automobiles is over!!!

Daniel D. said
917 days ago
After first rabbit eating repair along with tow bill, was told it would not happen again by dealer, guess what WRONG it did

Steven W. said
907 days ago
Wife and I just purchased a 2013 Honda CRV on October 12, 2015 and the first day driving the vehicle home, the wife reported car changing gear on Automatic Transmission is rough at any speed when letting off accelerator. She reported this to dealership managers during 3 different service visits and they all claimed it was due to CVT transmission normal handling, which we now find out 2013 CRV does not have CVT transmission. 5 weeks into ownership, vehicle now doesn't start or refuses to go above 3,000 rpm. Dealer diagnosed rodent damage to wiring harness, not covered by certified or extended warranty. Honda America confirms this and Honda district manager refuses to take on case.

Found that CRV wiring harness manufacturing was changed to soy-based sheathing in 2002 and onward to be environmentally friendly and has a known incidence of attracting rodents to it, who then chew the harness.

Repair bill $2500+tax+rodent resistant tape to be applied pending insurance adjuster approval of repairs. Paying $500 deductible for repair under auto insurance for no-fault accident under comprehensive coverage.

Already drafted complaint to file with IL State's Attorney Lisa Madigan. Will be modifing complaint to address "known defect in manufacturing resulting in safety and health hazard".

William H. said
906 days ago
I am an attorney in the Albuquerque, NM area. My wife and I bought a 2014 VW Jetta in October 2014. We live rurally and our car's wiring has been damaged twice by mice in the last four months. The warranty has not covered the damage either time, and I am quite perturbed to learn that this is a problem known to VW. As I write this, the car is at the dealer having wiring replaced with the same rodent attracting material, so as stated by others, we feel utterly powerless to stop this from happening again. We have lived in the same location for over eleven years, and I am certainly a "car guy." We have five cars now as well as several motorcycles and a boat, and this is the only vehicle we have ever had this problem with. We purchased the Jetta in good faith reliance that buying an almost new car (5200 miles when we bought it) would mean that we have the peace of mind of knowing that it would be reliable and that we got such a good warranty, the dealer would stand behind the vehicle for manufacturer defects, which this clearly is. Unfortunately, neither the car nor its manufacturer are in fact to be relied upon. At this point, a class action is absolutely appropriate, and you can add our names to the class. Thanks.

Sharon F. said
902 days ago
I have a 2012 Kia Sorrento. Two weeks ago the engine light came on and the car ran really rough. Took it to the dealer, it was squirrels who chewed the insulation on the wiring. They fixed it and today the same problem. Add my name to the class!

Rowena C. said
890 days ago
I just took my 2015 Tiguan SE into VW yesterday, after returning to my vehicle and not being able to pull it out of park due to an electronic break malfunction (according to the user manual) and then the check engine light lit up immediately after. I managed to get my car to VW and today they called letting me know I had rodent damage to the wiring, in which the service man even said "the wiring is soy based which attracts rodents" ...and the repairs are not covered under warrenty and I would need to pay $475 and some change to have it fixed. My care is a LEASED vehicle and we pay additional fees for extra coverage on the side, like the tire replacement package, yet this wiring problem isn't covered by the company?? I am upset at the thought of having to pay for the repairs and then have it happen again in a month! We have 3 more years on this lease and I can't imagine having to pay out of pocket to replace wiring that is a rodent attraction! This is absolutely absurd! Please add me to the class!

Christina P. said
890 days ago
Just bought a 2015 Ford escape 6weeks ago. Got a alarm that goes off when you come to a stop (under 10 miles per hour) that it has a "parking fault" needs service. Call Ford and they say "you need to bring your vehicle in, don't know why this is happening but we will do a diagnostic test to see what's going on". I now believe that they knew exactly what was going on. They told me that varmints had crawled under my vehicle and chewed the wiring and wasn't covered under my warranty and it would be $800 to fix.

Rachel W. said
888 days ago
Purchased a 2015 Honda CRV in late August. It has already been to the dealership twice for the same wiring repair and cost $400! Dealership claims they aren't aware of the soy based wiring, yet Honda invented the pepper tape to solve for it! (BTW, the paper didn't work on chipmunks) Car is driven every day and we don't live in a rural location. Never had an issue with my 2000 Honda Civic and now I'm wishing we never bought the car....

Elizabeth H. said
883 days ago
Bought a brand new 2015 Jetta at the end of last year. Just spent over $1000 on a rental and $1800 on repairs because rodents chewed the harness.

Tom T. said
882 days ago
Rats chewed through the wiring harness on my 2015 Porsche while it was parked in my garage for a week. Cost me $1100 in repairs, not eligible for warranty. Using an ultrasonic rodent repeller and mothballs to try to prevent re-occurrence.

Michele J. said
876 days ago
Rodents chewed through the wiring harness on my 2010 Porsche Cayman. Dealership says it's $3k in repairs and 3-days in the shop! Does insurance cover this?

Anthony F. said
870 days ago
Leased a 2015 Hyundai Elantra a year July my car did nit drive and Imhad to get it towed to a repair shop, ending with a repair bill for $150 for chewed wires. Then in December while driving the gas pedal literally stopped working and the Check,Engine light came on. I did get it to the dealer and the diagnosis was a chewed wire harness that had to be replaced, costing nearly $3K. I want to break the lease because it will certainly happen again, and Hyundai will admit nothing.

Sean R. said
870 days ago
My 13 Accord Coupe power steering stopped 12-23-15. After a tow to dealer, inspection revealed chewed wiring harness but ONLY the soy portion between the terminal plug and the plastic loom to EPS system. Dealer replaced $1400 ($500 comp deductible claim).

Two days later, neighborhood rabbit hopped out from under car and I became nervous. Inspected wiring, and rabbit had chewed EXACT same spot in harness that's exposed. After doing research, Honda sells "rodent tape" containing capsaicin spice. I also expected David McDavid Honda dealer would use metal heat tape to attempt to prevent 2nd occurrence.

Service techs all bragged about how often they get rodent damaged cars but don't have effective repairs other than keep replacing with same $$$ harnesses. When I mentioned the Honda rodent tape, nobody at the dealership knew about it even though it was all over Google. How can a Honda dealer not know about a chronic issue?

Filed claim with Honda corporate but they were only willing to waive labor to repatch the frayed wiring, not provide a new harness. Why should they? They get profit each occurrence whether it be from consumer or insurance payout. This is ridiculous that in 2016, we have manufacturers that know SOY wires are extremely attractive to wildlife and refuse to have TSB kits or other remedies to prevent recurring animal damage. Most older Honda and Acura cars have an underbody splash cover that prevent animal from reaching engine cradle but they no longer install them.

Ann C. said
866 days ago
I took my car to Lexus for what I thought was a battery problem which turned out to be a rodent problem. I had my car parked outside a few days and now I have $10,000 in damage and a $2,000. deductible. The worst part is there is no way to insure the problem doesn't come back.

Betty K. said
860 days ago
I bought a 2015 Jetta for my daughter. We have the same problem with mice eating her wires. I own the car she drives it. She works full time and goes to school full time, so being without a car is unexceptable. The car is in the shop now and has $3,154.00 in damage. This should be the burden of the manufacture not her ins. or my check book.

Susan and Scott D. said
857 days ago
We had this exact issue with Toyota (a RAV-4) and it cost us about $200. I still have the paperwork if anyone needs me to pull it out.

Duane M. said
856 days ago
2009 Toyota Venza, just got back from dealer. $1200 + to replace 3 fuel injector, o2 senser, temperature sending unit, fan relay wires, and cabin air filter due to rodent damage. The total new wiring harness would have been $1300+ installation from Toyota, so we opted to have them replace one wire at a time. This is a very well known issue with Toyota and Honda. Our local dealer services the rental fleet of Toyota's and Honda's that stay parked at the airport and they have to keep a supply of wires on hand because the mice & rats will eat the Toyota's & Honda's wiring and not touch the other brands of rental cars. We have 4 other vehicles, 2004 & 2007 Dodge pickups, 2016 Mazda3 and a 1995 Jeep Cherokee and the Toyota Venza is the only one the mice chew on! I wish they would pick a different car as the Venza is by far the most complex & most expensive to work on (of course)!

Mark B. said
856 days ago
I have a 2014 VW Passat TDI SEL and have experienced over $1800 in repair costs for rodent damage to two wiring harnesses which in turn shorted and damaged the DEF sensor. I have had other vehicles in the same rural environment that have never had any wiring damage due to rodents. VW is definitely aware of the problem as they alerted me to the soy-based wiring issue.

Stephen C. said
855 days ago
I lease a 2015 VW Jetta that I just paid about $225 to repair a wire harness when I took the car in for the "free" one year service and to check the engine light and tire light that had just come on. It's been less than two weeks and they just came in again. I can't believe this is a common issue and nothing has been done!

Steven M. said
852 days ago
I have a 2014 Audi S4 and have experienced over $180 in repair costs for damage Audi states is due to rodent damage. I agreed to pay half but due to fact my car was held at the port for over 2months during delivery and been in for repairs at least 3 times with the last time being days before the engine light came I don't feel I should have paid them anything after reading this thread.

Charles D. said
848 days ago
Not just these manufacturers. The windshield washer on my one year old 2015 Chevrolet Camaro quit working. Dealer advised that wires to the pump motor were completely chewed through by rodents. Dealer charged me $400 to repair this and other rodent damage.

Steven G. said
843 days ago
Bought a 2014 Toyota 4Runner from Mountain States Toyota in Denver CO around August of 2015. The vehicle was certified and I even bought the 7 year or 100k warranty to be safe. I went to start my car and the entire vehicle was disabled and would only crawl... all the gauges were lit up and I was stuck. I had it towed to Mtn States Toyota. I receive a call the next day that my main engine harness was completely chewed through and had to be replaced. I have never heard of this issue until that day and was shocked that the service rep at Toyota said this happens all the time because of the soy based wiring harness. I call my insurance and they cover it but I have to pay my deductible because the total cost to replace my engine harness was $5500.00. So both Toyota and my insurance clearly know there is an issue and admit to it but don't cover it in any way. There is no answer from Toyota other than "sorry to hear about your problem"... Now I am hesitant to even drive my 4Runner because I am afraid it'll happen again. I have tried a few options I found online but nothing is certain. These manufactures need to belly up to the bar and correct this issue. I hope this gets momentum and we see some solutions.

Catherine N. said
840 days ago
I have a 2015 Toyota RAV4. Today is the second visit to the dealer for rodent/wiring damage. We have lived in our rural home for 12years and we have to park some vehicles outside but this is the first time we have encountered this problem. I started an online search and started to read about the soy-based coating used in the wiring of newer vehicles. Low and behold, I have found literally HUNDREDS of posts on Facebook alone, from Toyota owners who have dealt with this!! It looks like there is already a class-action suit filed for Honda owners with this problem. I wish I knew how to initiate one on behalf of Toyota owners!! Our first repair was just short of $500. Don't know what today's bill will be. It appears that some have been compensated by insurance (which affects everyone's premiums in the long run). I also feel my new vehicles value is greatly diminished!! I have always given Toyota high praises for their well built vehicles. My husband had a commuter car (Corolla) with over 360,000 miles and very little spent in maintenance. I definitely don't feel that way anymore!! Doubt I will purchase another!! Update: Today's estimate on repairs: $104 to replace a rodent chewed hose, $500 to repair 4 rodent chewed wires, $1800+ to replace rodent chewed wiring harness. Toyota refuses to cover the cost, even though it appears it's directly relate to a design flaw and the use of soy based wiring.

Debra R. said
839 days ago
I just bought a 2012 Audi A7 three months ago and within 3 weeks my engine light came on. Thinking it was a gas cap I went through a tank of gas and it never went off. Finally got an appointment at my local Audi service and they informed me that it was rodent damage and it would cost $400. The car only has 24k miles on it. On top of that I noticed the headlights had a milky substance on the inside of the headlights and the dealer who sold it to me, they said next time you have it serviced have them change them out under not one but two warranties. A certified pre owned warranty and an extended, very expensive warranty. So now the Audi dealership is giving me a hard time saying I should have had the selling dealership fix them but I bought the car over 50 miles away from my house so it's not feasible now to go back to them. Audi warranties are honored at every dealership. I will never buy another Audi again! Their service and dealerships are not up to par with customer service at all! Never ever had a problem with my Porsche dealership trying to send me back to the place I purchased it. So, in the end this rodent issue is a very scary thing to deal with because there is not a thing you can do about it and it could happen again at any time and could potentially cost thousands with only one hungry rodent. I'm just sick about it. I have this super high end car that absolutely sucks.

839 days ago
I just bought a 2023 Jetta with 10000 miles on it in October of 2015. Since December I've taken it in 6 times. The last time cost me 520$ due to animals chewing thru the wiring for my outside thermometer, check engine light indicator and break malfubction indicstor.

Sherri C. said
837 days ago
We have a 2015 Subaru Forrester and brought our car in for an oil change and when the mechanic opened the hood he found a very large rodent/squirrel nest on the engine. The mechanic cleaned the mess and about a month later our car would not start and the we had the car towed to the dealer. The mechanic told us a rodent had chewed thru the attractively aromatic wires at a cost of $266.00. We are now afraid to ever leave our car outside. We search under the hood every day to see if we spot any debris from rodents... This is no way to own a car, and have been spraying rodent repellent daily as a deterrent. Now our friends who visit frequently are afraid to park in our driveway, and we don't blame them. We live in a gated community in Florida and our car has become the focus of our daily lives. The manufacturers should be held responsible for the soy wire coverings causing this problem.

Douglas L. said
832 days ago
Just leased a 2016 Audi A4 a couple months ago and it has 1500 miles on it. Started it to head to work and got a warning: steering defective, do not operate vehicle. Had to have roadside assistance tow it to Audi. I thought it was a manufacturer issue covered under warranty. To my surprise I was called by Audi and they told me a rodent has chewed through the wiring harness costing me around $3000 to repair. Filed an insurance claim but I have been without my vehicle for almost a week already. If this is caused by some type of eco friendly soy based product that Audi decided to use then they should be responsible for the repairs. How am I going to stop this from happening again? Spending my own money? What's just as bad is I brought the rodent home and it is in my garage as evidenced by all of the droppings laying about.

Abbas M. said
829 days ago
I recently bought Audi A4 and its been is shop three times already because of Rodent eating the Oxygen Sensor wires.

Billy H. said
827 days ago
Bought a 2015 Honda Fit. Totally new. 5 days later wires and hoses chewed up. Dash lit up like a Christmas tree,with everything that had been damaged. Took the vehicle to my dealer. Rat nest was in the wiring harness. Not covered on the warranty. It cost me $1200 to fix it. They would not budge . I was out the entire cost.

Frank N. said
821 days ago
2 weeks ago rodents chewed on the wiring for my 2003 Toyota Sequoia. Today same thing happened and nothing Toyota can do. I am ready for them to start taking responsibility

Natalie K. said
819 days ago
I have had to take my 2013 VW Jetta S model to the shop 4 times now. Same wires, same chew marks. The last time this happened, which was a month or two ago, the rodents came perilously close to the body harness, which I was told costs thousands of dollars and is custom made over in Germany. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! I am a 26 year old woman, trying to start my life with my husband and these repair bills are damaging everything we are trying to build for ourselves. I will gladly join this class action suit.

Leah M. said
812 days ago
Just bought a Porsche.

Terri C. said
805 days ago
Bought 2015 Ford Escape in May of 2015. February 2016 windshield wiper fluid lines and pump were chewed by squirrels. Cost to repair $250.00. Tried a pepper spray and also critter ridder granules in the engine compartment. Next was chewed insulation in the wheel well over the passenger side. Next they chewed the insulation over the wheel well on the driver's side. Have lived in the same place in Austin, TX since 1989 with approximately 10 vehicles over the years including the 2001 F150 that I just let go when I got the Escape. Never had an issue with any other vehicle.

virginia k. said
804 days ago
I have a 2003 Subaru Baja. Two times within the last two months I have had electrical issues. Both times the Subaru dealer repair specialist stated they found a vermin nest (1st visit) and then 2nd visit, the repair order, costing over $400.00 states electrical system gnawed on by vermin". Today, I heard an employee of my son's, Subaru has also had rats chewing on his electrical system! Do You have any help or information for me?

Stu B. said
799 days ago
I took delivery of a 2012 VW Golf R in mid-December of 2015 - the car had 53,000 miles on it when I took delivery, and had been in storage at the dealer since late Sept/early Oct. It is now less than 4mos later, and last week the Check Engine Light lit up, and the code was P0118 - Engine Coolant Temp. I'd noticed the fan had been running after shutting the car down the last time I'd driven it, too.

Brought it in to the dealer, they tell me the rodent story, and that I'm on the hook for $430 worth of damage, which, of course, is not covered under warranty.

The car now has 59,000 miles on it, and this is the 4th time I've had to bring it in for service. While I understand THAT, I'm having an exceedingly difficult time stomaching a $430 charge for a car I've had less than 4mos. and would absolutely be interested in joining the class action.

What's more concerning to me, is how do I prevent this from reoccurring? Tape mothballs to all four struts, trying to deter anything from crawling into the engine bay? Spray rodent deterrent? This is laughably ridiculous and the onus needs to be on the manufacturers, seriously. If they're building critical parts of the electrical system out of something vermin cannot stop chewing on, how is that the consumer's burden?

Rishab S. said
786 days ago
Purchased a 2016 Volkswagen Jetta S from a dealer in Southern California. In less than 3 months of use (1200 miles), the EPC warning light and Check Engine Light came on. Dealer says a rodent bit through some of the wiring in/around turbo and engine. Fix costs $500+ and since the manufacturer wouldn't claim responsibility for it, I have to cover it out-of-pocket. If this is a known issue and the soy-based wiring is susceptible to vermin attack, I would like to join the lawsuit.

779 days ago
I know this is not the most convenient solution but it is better then the hassle and cost of the repair. You can buy a rodent repellent or ammonia to spray on the underside of your engine compartment. Where I work there is a problem with rabbits in the parking lot chewing wires on Audi's. I have had my Audi for 3 years with no issues. I apply 5 or 6 sprays one time each month.

Charles A P. said
779 days ago
2013 Subaru Impress, was just quoted $2500 to replace entire wiring harness for three wires chewed. This needs to stop!

marshall b. said
775 days ago
Have a Honda Civic and have had a few electrical probs but haven't checked as far as it being rodent related. Will take a closer look. They're using soy coating for the wiring? Oh for Pete's sake's. We drove ours off the lot brand new with no oil in the engine and paid more then 3000.00 over sticker price because it was purchased just after the Tsunami and they said it was a privilege to get a Honda at all. My ex was the buyer I was the support and wish to this day she would have bought anything other then a Honda.

David A. said
772 days ago
Just recieved a call from the Toyota Dealership informing me the issue with my entertainment unit on my 2015 Toyota Sequoia was caused by rodent damaged. I'm currently waiting to hear from my insurance company to see if they will cover the 5K in repairs.

David S. said
770 days ago
2016 Tiguan wires chewed through twice in one week 2300 miles

Klaus Q. said
761 days ago
Dreaded Engine Check message on 2014 Subaru Crosstrek appeard 2 days ago. Took car to Subaru dealer and was told by service advisor mice chewed wiring harness and connector component to fuel pump. Need new wiring harness and connectors installed costing 2,300 $ + taxes.

Robin C. said
757 days ago
I have a 2007 vw rabbit and recently noticed rat feces all over and undrr my battery which had to be replaced with a new one as well as the wores conecting my amp etc cheerd thru among a bunch of other wiring as,well i am perm dissbled it is a s as lvage title vehicle i had no clue what that mesnt upon my purchase

Joyce M. said
751 days ago
My Volvo S60 had the check engine light on. When I had it checked by the dealer, they found the fuel pump wiring chewed up by mice. We know it was nice since when the fuel pump had to be replaced, they found mouse-parts in evidence. Guess what? 4 weeks later, the check engine light is back on. When I popped the hood, I found signs that mice are back - acorns and other nesting materials right on top of the manifold. Sign me up for that suit if it includes Volvo. Are these manufacturers getting their wiring from the same supplier?!?!

Bertha G. said
751 days ago
I have a 2014 VW Passat that I haven't even owned for a year. Earlier this week my check engine light went on and then my blinkers started acting possessed. Took it to the VW dealership this morning and turns out there is $600.00 worth of electrical wire damage due to rodents. The worst part is that they told me it can happen again.

Heather L. said
750 days ago
I have a 2013 Dodge Dartt with only 10,000 miles. Engine light came on and the dealership told me rodents are through the engine harness due to soy based covering. It'll be 1600 dollars NOT covered by warranty!

Natali T. said
749 days ago
I have a BMW X3 and it has been in the shop several times because of this issue. I have spend thousands of dollars at this point, because vermin based repairs are not covered under BMW's warranty. Does anybody know of a suit against BMW? Someone just told me they saw something about that on TV.

Ken X. said
745 days ago
I have a 2012 VW Beetle. Recently I notices two of warning lights are on, one is the engine check and another one is the brake fluid. At first I though I can fix the brake fluid problem by adding dot 4 brake fluid but no luck the light still on and also I notice my battery cover been eaten. I took my car to VW shop and they quoted me 1000+ dollars to replace the harness to fix the warning lights. I would like to join in the law suit against VW.

Morteza Z. said
732 days ago
I leased two Jettas 2012 and 2013. Pipes and wires were chewed by mice during the warranty time. VW shop refused to repair it under warranty and I had to pay $750 for one and about $1000 for the other Jetta to fix the soy-based pipes and wires.
Now my 2014 Passat got the same problem when visited VW for 20000 miles service. Oil level sensor wire was chewed by mice. Again VW refused to fix it in spite of the car being under warranty.

Barry W. said
728 days ago
I have just experienced a problem with my 1013 Jedda station wagon, which is costing me $450.00. As are the rest of you I am most unhappy.
Please add me to any to the growing list of plaintiffs.
I have sprayed my wiring with pepper spray trying to stop the critters.

Pieter H. said
718 days ago
My 2001 GMC Yukon XL suffered the same problem of rodents feasting on my wire harness under the hood that cost mt $$$ to repair. I can't say for sure if the wiring is soy based, but reading all the other testimonials I think it very well could be. This occurred years ago, so I don't know if there is a statute of limitations on a class action...but I'm ready to jump into the fray!!

Gavin T. said
712 days ago
I'm having the same problem with my 2014 Ford Escape, on a regular basis, 2-3 months apart. Headlights, turn signals and turbo boost wiring. This is the fifth or sixth time.

Janet H. said
709 days ago
Toyota's venza same problem. My insurance company paid the expense. Problem is I still have mice. I have tried everything to keep them out. I just keep poison in the car at all times. Yes, sometimes mice die in the car. Yes it stinks. But I don't know what else to do.

Terry F. said
703 days ago
I just got my 2002 Porsche 911 back from the repair shop after rodents chewed through the wiring harness; almost $6000 to fix. Now I have the same problem with my 2008 Audi Q7.

Natalie K. said
701 days ago
I've been having the same issue. It's cost me a nice chunk of money in repairs. And Volkswagen isn't cheap, regardless.

Gary F. said
696 days ago
My 2014 VW Passat is presently in the shop. They told me it was results of a rodent chewing up the wiring harness. $515 not covered by warranty, as well as $350 towing.

Alfred A. said
692 days ago
Just was notified by mechanic that rodents chewed through at least 10 wires in the engine harness of my 2007 Audi S4.. estimated damage (at present) without removing the various engine parts so far is upwards of $3k.

Roger H. said
690 days ago
I own a 2014 Porsche Macan S and recently had my vehicle locked up in a garage whilst I was overseas for 4 weeks.
Upon return, the on-board computer was giving out "need additional service" warning.
We took the vehicle to the Porsche dealers in Johannesburg and they came back advising the wiring harness had been eaten by Rodents.
The estimate for the replacement of the main wiring harness is ZAR 40,696.00 with Porsche accepting NO responsibility.

Roger H. said
690 days ago
I own a 2014 Porsche Macan S and recently had my vehicle locked up in a garage whilst I was overseas for 4 weeks.
Upon return, the on-board computer was giving out "need additional service" warning.
We took the vehicle to the Porsche dealers in Johannesburg and they came back advising the wiring harness had been eaten by Rodents.
The estimate for the replacement of the main wiring harness is ZAR 40,696.00 with Porsche accepting NO responsibility.

kathryn p. said
686 days ago
Same exact issue-- 2009 Mazda had $5k worth of wiring chewed. Mazda billed my personal insurance for this! Why shouldn't the car manufacturer foot the bill and not our homeowners insurance!?

Melissa C. said
685 days ago
Mazda cx9 wiring harness and fire blanket damage- $3,000 and who knows how long I am without my car as part is backordered! They are "happy to bill my homeowners insurance!" They mentioned the soy thing, so they know its a problem!

Robin C. said
672 days ago
I had rats eat out almost EVERY BIT of wiring in my Porsche Boxer, $22,000 damage caused. Vehicle had to be towed a long distance into Porsche centre for repairs. It took months before repairs were completed as all parts had to come from Germany. Rats ate through EVERY wire in wire harness, motor wires, coolant and petrol hoses, oil hoses (which was surprising because I have read that rats don’t like petroleum), reversing camera wires.
It was swamp rats (much bigger than standard rats) that were responsible for all my damage and take a warning from this, after vehicle came home I had 6 rat traps set with cheese under the vehicle in garage 5 ultra-sonic rat deterrents covering all directions under car, a blue light under car and 15 chew through packets of rat bait in and around and garage, of which they made no attempt to eat as I spotted one running out from beneath the car the morning after! Not one of these preventative measures worked, no matter what I put in place, the attractive smell of my cars wiring was too strong for them to resist. It only took a week and a half for them to do this incredible amount of damage on the first attack.
I am now awaiting a shipping container (cost $7,000 +ramps another near $3,000) to arrive to my property to keep the car in. After researching the shipping containers (can get vermin proof shipping containers) I have elected to get one that you can open a side up on, so you don’t have to crawl out of your cars windows to get out of container getting vehicle in and out of it. I was also warned to get a roof built over container because they accumulate rain on top because they have flat roof and will rust through quickly if not protected from rain. I am devastated at just how much this soya, starch and sugar coated wiring problem has cost me !
It’s such a shame that car dealers do not issue warnings to buyers about this rat wiring problem and we only find out once the damage is done and come to sites such as this to find out why its happened and a solution for it ourselves, after the damage is done. Summing up, this has been a horrendous and devastating experience and a very costly one at that, as comprehensive insurance did not cover rat damage.

Charles L. said
668 days ago
2013 VW Passat TDI Varmit (rabbit) eating through wiring harness. Paid $350 to repair. It has now happened again. VW dealer (McDonald Auto Group, Denver CO. now wants $500 to make the same repair again. I ask if the dealership would wrap the harness in Duct brand or Gorilla brand tape . They refused. I am not going to pay again for the same repair expecting different results.

Anne B. said
661 days ago
I have a 2015 Lexus RX450h that's 14 mths old. On my way home yesterday it lost power on the highway and several error messages displayed on the dash. Brake malfunction, check ABS, check BDS, check hybrid system, and check power system. I had it towed to the dealership. They tell me rats chewed the wires. I found that hard to believe since i was driving when it happened. If it is true the dealership should be responsible since they're making wiring coated in soy products. It's like begging the rats to damage the car so they have job security on my dime. Not only is it unsafe because i was driving on a highways during rush hour traffic when it happened but it is an unfair business practice. The federal trade commission should be involved in this. The manufacturer should've recalled all cars that had soy products attracting rats to sabotage the vehicles to protect the drivers and their families. Because it's a known problem it could be considered vehicular manslaughter if a death arises from this. I'm upset that my life was put in danger yesterday because of a known problem that the manufacturer refuses to address.

Brittany P. said
653 days ago
I have gone to VW twice now about critters crawling into my car and messing with the wires which turns my engine and tire lights on and makes my AC not work. Today the VW dealership told me I have to pay again (second time!) even though I'm in warranty. They told me to call corporate, which I did, and corporate refused to reimburse me as well. The VW dealership told me to spray bear mace around my car every night so this won't happen again.

Jody D. said
647 days ago
2007 Jetta 2.5 Wolfsburg. Never had an issue with my car until I moved North. Then one day out of nowhere my car wouldn't start. Tried to jump it and it just wouldn't start. It would turn over but never fully. After a few hours it would finally start. Then when driving 60mph on the highway, it would shut off/stall. This happened a few times, all with it restarting as soon as I got out of the lanes and shut it down. Then the sunroof wasn't operating right, wouldn't fully lift or would open with the car off randomly. Then driver window wouldn't roll down or would with car off randomly.
Took car to dealer. He has had it 3 weeks and has changed the computer wire harness. This apparently us going to cost me $1200. And I don't have that kind of money!!

Kathy M. said
639 days ago
We have a 2012 Dodge Ram and this is the 4th time squirrels have eaten the wiring harnesses! This has cost us a ton of money and the dealer won't listen to us or do anything about it...Any ideas?

Kathy M. said
639 days ago
We have a 2012 Dodge Ram and this is the 4th time squirrels have eaten the wiring harnesses! This has cost us a ton of money and the dealer won't listen to us or do anything about it...Any ideas?

James F. said
632 days ago
I'm now on my second round of wire fixing from rodents chewing on wires. 2012 Audi A4 Avant. Very interested in participating in action against Audi/VW. This is ridiculous.

Renee G. said
631 days ago
I have a 2016 Toyota rav 4 it only has 7,000
Miles and I was told today that a rodent chewed wires and I need
A new electrical harness and the warranty won't
Cover it.. They were so nonchalant and told me
It's an act of nature.. After reading comments clearly
It's an act of Toyota using soy products.. I'm so angry
And would love to file a lawsuit.

Frances K. said
629 days ago
My 2011 Volkswagen is home to mice. They have gotten into my compartment and destroyed the lining in a pair of very expensive gloves. They had a nest in the cowl. Now they are living in the roof. Their urine is coming through; the roof is filthy and it stinks. I have to drive with the windows open and I cannot use my ac or heat as the smell is unbearable. This is an extremely unhealthy situation. I hate this car with a passion, and I would love to sue Volkswagen.

Frances K. said
629 days ago
My 2011 Volkswagen is home to mice. They have gotten into my compartment and destroyed the lining in a pair of very expensive gloves. They had a nest in the cowl. Now they are living in the roof. Their urine is coming through; the roof is filthy and it stinks. I have to drive with the windows open and I cannot use my ac or heat as the smell is unbearable. This is an extremely unhealthy situation. I hate this car with a passion, and I would love to sue Volkswagen.

sheri a. said
621 days ago
I have a 2013 kia rio,mice are attracted to husband is seeing mice coming from it in early morning.oh no,what to do?????my stereo quit working and check engine light. Came on.

cleveland d. said
616 days ago
yes with a 2010 ford sporttrack

Alireza T. said
604 days ago
my brand new audi Q7 stopped working 3 weeks after purchase and found to have significant damage from rat/rodent infestation. despite repair by dealer, car continues to malfunction and dealer refuses to take responsibility.

Stephanie C. said
596 days ago
I have a 2015 volvo s60 that was just diagnosed with rodent damage. They chewed thru the fuel pump line and now the whole pump needs to be replaced. Of course it isn't covered under warranty and my out of pocket expense is $1600.00 if volvo had a suit I definitely want in. How do I stop them from another chewing attack??

christopher g. said
596 days ago
I have a 2016 VW Passat which had a $400 bill to fix rodent damage to wiring for oxygen sensor.

Mary S. said
594 days ago
We have a VW TDI sportwagen and rodents have chewed up the wiring under the car which will cost at least $800 (it is in shop right now).

Misty K. said
584 days ago
I am typing this from the dealership! "Rodent damage" to the oil sensor line of my 2015 Golf. I have not yet received the $ damage.

Carol S. said
582 days ago
2015 Golf SE TDI, $650 worth of wiring & hose damage. Brought the car home & in less then 3 days, damaged again.. unable to pay for repairs. This car is part of the Diesel buy-back fiasco. I had planned on keeping the car, but know it sits at the dealership.

donald r. said
582 days ago
I have a 2013 Toyota Prius in the Toyota Carlsbad Body Shop right now with the stench of dead rodents, mouse droppings and urine foot tracks all over the dash of the mice. Toyota doesn't have any answers and this may go to $ 1000s of dollars, Federal Help needs to be employed for these cars with soy based wiring insulation. Manufactures have to be held accountable.

Michael D. said
579 days ago
Had my AudiA4 for 10 months and the engine light came on. Brought it in for service and was told a rodent ate through the wiring and was not covered under warranty. Cost $365. Than at 15 months engine light came on again. Brought it back to Audi dealership and the wiring was eaten again by rodents and full nest on wires. This time $660.00. I have two other car parked right next to Audi in drive for over one year and nothing happened to them yet. Audi stated they have never heard of the soy based wiring problem before and they are going to google it when I leave.

Jenna G. said
567 days ago
I have a 2017 Audi Q5 and previously drove a 2015 Audi A4. My Q5 wires have been chewed twice since buying the car 2 months ago. Audi says they can't do anything about it. My Audi sits next to a Chevy and Infiniti and those cars have never had these issues. I've sprayed the underneath of the car with peppermint oil and WD40 with no luck. Car goes back today to the mechanic because my check engine light just came on. In total over the last 3 years I've spent over $5800 in repairs due to this issue!!

tom h. said
556 days ago
I have a 2008 A4 that has been damaged twice in the last year by this rodent issue. I has cost me $1300.

Lynn J. said
555 days ago
I just got my 2010 Audi A5 back from repair for the second time due to rodents (rabbits?) eating through wiring. This latest incidence affected my power steering. Total of both bills is slightly under $900.

Ferlando P. said
548 days ago
I have an Audi A5 2014, I took my car in for an oil service at 25,000 miles and two days later I had to return to the Dealer because my car was running sluggish. the Dealer called me and said that a Rat had eaten my Engine wires and it would cost one thousand Dollars to repair.

Hector M. said
548 days ago
I have a 2015 Porsche Boxster S with 6500 miles and it has rodent damage in the wiring harness that will cost $2600 to repair.

Robin S. said
540 days ago
2012 Volvo S60 damaged TWICE by rodents. Almost $8K in repairs.

Chanda J. said
531 days ago
2014 Jetta with 28,000 miles, rodents damaged my power steering wiring. $315 in damages. I drive my car everyday, but park outside at my apartment complex. I really don't want this to happeen again!

Crystal S. said
529 days ago
Bought a 2014 Audi A4 and went to the dealer and they said it would cost me 220 to fix, not they are saying it is 520. They told me I had rodent damage to the wiring and my warranty would not fix it! I am so upset and feel I am taking advantage of with pricing. Giving me one price and the next month another.

Angie S. said
521 days ago
Just took in my 2016 (yes, not even a year old!!) And $420 to fix chew through coolant and air intake line. SO furious.

521 days ago
Just had my VW bug repaired....rodent ate through my wires, apparently I got off lucky, $275.00...........

Robert K. said
520 days ago
I have paid a considerable (thousands) amount of money due to electrical issues in my 2007 Audi A6 including a new ECU system. It caused serious stalling while driving on Los Angeles freeways and forced us to get a rental while seeking other repairs to the Audi. Current repairs are being carefully documented and rodent damage to wiring is quite evident.

kristie l. said
517 days ago
2016 4runner. Rat chewed the wiring harness. $5500 in damage. I have had it for one month. Been at the dealership for a month waiting for repair. Toyota will not take any action and insurance has fought the repair. No clue what to do to keep this from happening again. Beyond frustrated.

Celeste B. said
515 days ago
Yes, already replaced wire harness on my audi 2016 a6. EPC light on again. Has to be same issue, the car is in storage.

Celeste B. said
515 days ago
Yes, already replaced wire harness on my audi 2016 a6. EPC light on again. Has to be same issue, the car is in storage.

Michael C. said
513 days ago
I just got my 2014 Audi A4 back from the dealer. I had to pay $300 for rat snacks, basically. The shop mechanic said they are getting TWO TO THREE CARS PER WEEK with the same issue. And of course, not covered by warranty. This is hardly an insignificant problem when a small dealer of only one brand (Audi) is repairing 100 to 150 cars per year.

Lisa M. said
510 days ago
2015 VW Jetta - first issue $450 December of 2015 when EPC light came on and car inoperable. Dealer claimed not to know anything about this issue. So 12 months later, and after trying multiple 'fixes' - mint oil, animal urine, garden pest deterrants, etc., and I'm back at the dealership for oil light. Again rodent damage, and another $200 in damage to repair. 24 hours later, the rodents are back and chewed through the wires again. Back to the dealership again for another $200 in repairs....

Robert K. said
503 days ago
I wrote earlier about this reoccurring issue. I have pictures and pieces of gnawed wiring saved if needed. I didn't realize I was driving a mobile rodent buffet until after thousands have been spent on repairs. How sad they can get away with such substandard wiring, the heart of any vehicle.

Jody D. said
500 days ago
2007 Jetta. Never an issue with it when I lived in Florida. But when I moved to upstate NY, within a month the wiring harness was torn to bits. $1500 cost from dealership that I refused to pay and they are now suing me for. Refused to show me parts removed so I could document it....refused to cover any of the costs. Its been a couple months and I am having same issues again:
Driver window not going up or down like supposed to, sometimes doesnt work at all; sunroof opens and closes randomly; car shuts off while driving 60mph on highway and quickly decreases speed.

Alexis O. said
493 days ago
We are already at over $1000 worth of damage to fuel system and wiring. Calling our insurance company now (2012 Honda Civic)!

Mona D. said
483 days ago

Mona D. said
483 days ago

477 days ago
Wire damage three times. 1,500.00 2015 gti.

Cheryl T. said
475 days ago
I bought an 2016 Audi Q5 and had rats eat all the way through the connector and all wires. Costs over 500.00. My friend has an Adui as well and it has happened to her 3 times over the past 6 months she has had the car.

Janet R. said
473 days ago
Just purchased a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta in October 2016. Three months later it wouldn't start. Had it towed to the dealership. They had the car for 3 weeks and couldn't find out what was wrong. They finally had it towed to Volkswagen and they found the harness wires all chewed up. Cost me $450 so far, plus another $2000 to get it fixed!! Dealership won't pay for it, insurance company won't pay for it. All these car manufacturers know the soy sheathing was attracting rodents and they continue to use it but take no responsibility. It's always the consumer that gets screwed! I want to be part of the class action lawsuit.

Catherine P. said
472 days ago
Feb. 2017. I bought a 2014 Kia Sportage about 5 months ago. I learned that mice are going in and out of my vehicle by opening the glove compartment and having one "fly"out of there. It had been making a nest. I placed a deterrent under the hood and I'm actually trapping mice in the car. I've read this is a known problem. I am trying my best to avoid expensive damage. The car manufacturers need to do recalls and replace the wiring, and I understand it could be the insulation, too. I have another vehicle which is 15 years old and have NEVER had such a problem.

Sadia Y. said
472 days ago

Debra S. said
470 days ago
I have a 2017 VW Tiguan that I brought in because the check engine light came on (1/25/17). I was told there was rodent damage. Rats had chewed through wiring in several places. Total amount for repair = $1949.41.
I asked the service repair advisor what type of wire coating was used in my car and he said it was an eco- friendly soy based material.

REN Z. said
466 days ago
I just brought my 2011 Audi Q5 to dealer because EPC and engine light came on. They diagnosed the wiring have been chew by rodent and it cost me 500 to get it repaired.

463 days ago
I have spent hundreds of dollars replacing wires in my Audi Q7that have been eaten by what my mechanic thinks could be squirrels, mice, or chipmunks.
My car is one of five cars in the lot and is the only one that constantly gets chewed.
The wires are soy based, and attract animals. The financial responsibility for this issue should be that of the manufacturer.
Don't make a car out of food!

Diane W. said
463 days ago
I have spent hundreds of dollars replacing wires in my Audi Q7that have been eaten by what my mechanic thinks could be squirrels, mice, or chipmunks.
My car is one of five cars in the lot and is the only one that constantly gets chewed.
The wires are soy based, and attract animals. The financial responsibility for this issue should be that of the manufacturer.
Don't make a car out of food!

Jennifer K. said
463 days ago
Just spent $340 to repair the wire harness to the throttle body on my 2016 A6 because of rodents chewing through them. Just moved to Chicago...hoping this isn't a reoccurring expense!

Newton F. said
456 days ago
2007 Porsche cayman @ New Orleans Porsche Dealer as of now. Estimated repair cost for rodent damaged wiring harness $4000 plus $400 additional to expedite new harness order from Germany. Otherwise approx. 1 month to obtain part! Dealer'so service advisor informed me there is something in Porsche wiring that attracts rodents and that this is a known issue. Have filed insurance claim.

Anthony A. said
454 days ago
Just took my 2015 Audi Q5 in for a variety of electrical faults. Assumed it was under warranty because it is a lease. Audi mechanic said it was vermin caused. Started doing some research and landed here. Can't believe a car manufacturer would use material known to attract animals that's cause damage. Seems ludicrous to me. Besides the other problems I've had with the car, diesel, it reaffirms that I will never buy an Audi product again.

Regina T. said
446 days ago
Rodent ate away at my wires

Ken L. said
440 days ago
My 2012 Porsche Boxster S has been attacked by rodents repeatedly over the last several years. Each time repairs are $300 - $2500. I now have multiple traps, ultrasonic alarms, flashing lights and peppermint oil to repel the rats. It is very frustrating.

Bryan H. said
434 days ago
I have a 2017 VW Jetta with less than 1500 miles on it and my engine wiring was chewed up by rodents while the vehicle was parked for 2 days. Still waiting on parts, but this will set me back at least $1500 since they have to get parts from Germany (vehicle is so new, that they haven't sent out certain parts yet from the factory)

Jaclyn M. said
430 days ago
I have had my brand new 2016 Audi Q5 for only 10 months now. I brought it back to the dealership today (Audi Manhattan) because I had popped the hood last week, and noticed that I have some damage due to a squirrel or some other type of vermin inside. Now Audi wants $195.00 to repair this. The car is basically brand new, I ordered it straight from Germany. None of this is covered under warranty.

Martin B. said
420 days ago
Keyless entry stopped working after a few thousand miles on 2017 VW GTI. After fixing once, stopped working a week later. Apparently rodents had chewed through enough wiring to cause a variety of problems.

Ken B. said
420 days ago
I purchased a new 2016 Ford F-150 in November, 2016. On February 15, 2017 the truck wouldn't start. I had it towed to a Ford dealer for repair. I was told the damage was caused by a rat and it would cost me over 2,000.00 to fix. It has been at the dealer for more than 6 weeks, waiting for the repair parts. I had to rent a car for the last 6 weeks for transportation.

Chelsea P. said
414 days ago
My new Volkswagen Beetle is at the dealership now awaiting an inspection by my insurance company for the repairs necessary due to engine wiring chewed up by rodents while I was in Florida visiting family.

Chelsea P. said
414 days ago
My new Volkswagen Beetle is at the dealership now awaiting an inspection by my insurance company for the repairs necessary due to engine wiring chewed up by rodents while I was in Florida visiting family.

LEE AND kenneth T. said
411 days ago
My husband and I purchased a Honda Civic for my daughter! The other morning, her car would not start! We had it towed to the dealer, whom informed us that some type of rodent had chewed through the fuel lines. This should have been a bill that Honda has to foot. We are having to pay over 900.00 for the repairs.

LEE AND kenneth T. said
411 days ago
My husband and I purchased a Honda Civic for my daughter! The other morning, her car would not start! We had it towed to the dealer, whom informed us that some type of rodent had chewed through the fuel lines. This should have been a bill that Honda has to foot. We are having to pay over 900.00 for the repairs.

Jeffrey M. said
398 days ago
I have a 2016 GMC Canyon. One day wipers wouldn't work. 5000 miles on the truck. Took to the dealer for repair and was informed rats had chewed completely through a wiring harness. No warranty coverage, hundreds of dollars for repair. I have a 1997 Nissan that I've driven for 18 years sitting right next to the Canyon and never a problem. This is a material defect in the vehicles and should be addressed by the manufacturers.

Debra D. said
391 days ago
I have a 2013 Volkswagen Passat - I too have had a rodent eating at my wires I saw it with my own eyes !! Next day my check engine light on, tire pressure light on and the temperature gauge not working anymore ! I took to a mechanic he said can't do anything due to software VW has implemented- I am beyond mad and preturbed over this wire issue ! I'd like join the law suit !

Susan W. said
385 days ago
I purchased a 2017 Audi A4 Quarto almost a year ago. I had it towed to the Escondido dealership as it said my radiator fluid was low yet I had only 10,000 miles on the car. They inspected it and determined it had a faulty cap. The car was at the Audi dealership for two day. When I got it home, we opened the hood and noticed some wires had been chewed and was told this was from a rodent. I had an independent inspection of my garage and I have no sign of any rodents. I also park other cars in the garage and nothing has happened to them. Ironically I had a 2012 A6 and after being at the dealership it came back with wires that were chewed by a rodent. My new car sits in the garage most of the time and I check on it to see if wires are eaten and they have not. Could this damage have been done at the dealership location?

Helen S. said
384 days ago
I am and a spraying wiring with peppermint oil

Helen S. said
384 days ago
I am and a spraying wiring with peppermint oil

Madeline H. said
362 days ago
I have a 2016 Tax with 9000 miles on it..My check engine light came on last week.I took it to the dealer and the harness had been chewed.I was lucky and it was a $250 repairs I got a Gm discount.Iwhen I paid the repair was only $150.I researched and put Animal B Gone under my car, I hope it works. I am sick at having extra expense with a new car. I was told by the service department they see it all the time.

Chris D. said
359 days ago
2011 Audi A4. Work near grassland at event center and rabbits have chewed through power steering and A/C wiring now twice! Cost us $300 each time! This is my wife's car as I purchase American cars that don't have this issue. We will never purchase another Audi. However, we have found that take rubber snakes put under car seem to deter.

Bonnie G. said
338 days ago
I just found out my six month old Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid plug-in has this issue. Rodents ate through critical wiring, making it unsafe for my kids. It's a $100K car and the dealer claims it is not liable for repairs. No issues on my husband's Tesla or on my Toyota, located in same area for several years. I can't believe they know about this and don't tell consumers! I could tell from the tech's face that it is a common problem.

Diana M. said
332 days ago
I had to get the wires replaced because vermin chewed through them. My concern is having this happen again and spending insurmountable amounts of money.

Cynthia W. said
328 days ago
I live in a rural area, own a 2011 Hyundai Sonata, and just had the wiring harness replaced for the 2nd or 3rd time. I've had a couple other incidents as well including chewed up wiring under the dash. I had the wires wrapped with pepper tape but this time the rodents found a little unwrapped spot near the wheel well causing another 2400 dollars in damage. The rodents don't bother my husband's older vehicles. I'm now in the market for a used pre-soy car to replace my Sonata. I'm stuck in the city until I get one, because I can't drive my Sonata home again; the mice are waiting.

Brenda s. said
324 days ago
Same issue wires eaten by rodents, I can't drive my car at all. 2006 vs new beetle, happened yesterday . Had a surgery, don't drive for 3 days, and found this mess.

Brenda s. said
324 days ago
Same issue wires eaten by rodents, I can't drive my car at all. 2006 vs new beetle, happened yesterday . Had a surgery, don't drive for 3 days, and found this mess.

Sanchau W. said
324 days ago
I have a Honda Civic Hybrid 2014, and lately i have to put my car into Honda Dealer since the "D", FCW, LDW lights are all on, and the next day Engine, brake, transmission lights were all on. I called Honda told them that I have HondaCare hope that it will cover the cost. I mentioned about the soy-based insulation are attracts to rodents, and they just "mute" for awhile. Instead they told me about rodents just attracts to insulation. I ended up to paid for $2200 for repair cost.

Chelsea S. said
323 days ago
My 2014 Chevy Cruze is currently being repaired for rodent damage. I noticed something was wrong right away, but the engine light didn't come on until the next day. Is there a lawsuit against Chevy/GM currently relating to this, as there is for Honda and Toyota?

Alicia S. said
268 days ago
My 2016 Jetta with only 11,000 miles on it had a rodent chewing the wires which ultimately damaged my engine and cost me more than 2,000 dollars with repair and so many times going back and forth to the dealership because they couldn't figure out the problem the first time I went. They simply repaired the wires (repairing alone cost $500) so there is a possibility it could happen again. Is there a lawsuit against VW? If so, I would like to join because this is ridiculous. I was never once informed that my car with soy-coated wires will be susceptible to rodents or else I would have not purchased it.

Holly A. said
253 days ago
2014 Sq5. Picked it up on July 19th 2017, the same day I left for a 3.5 week vacation to Europe. A family member drove the new vehicle home and drove it a few times to make sure the fluids were circulating etc while I was away. I returned from my vacation and the second day back I had a warning light come on indicatin my front right indicator light was out. I booked an appointment with Audi to have the light repaired **which I was told it would be free of charge because they knew I was away and not being regularly driven. When I went to have it repaired, upon waiting a member of staff had come over to tell me they had to keep my car and they were giving me a loaner vehicle in the meantime. All due to an animal making a nest near the light. They have since left me a voicemail telling me I will have to pay for the repair since it was due to an animal. I have not talked to them directly, but will tomorrow. After researching everything I could find, it makes me even more frustrated now that I know it's contributed to the materials they use. Again, if I knew this I would not have purchased! I have had other cars parked in the same area for over 15 years, and never an issue!

Ramesh K. said
252 days ago
I have a 2014 VW Passat, I have replaced a few sensor wires in the past 6-8 months. A couple of them within a week of each other. I called VW and they denied they have an issue.

Amanda s. said
248 days ago
Same issue. Almost 1000 to fix and won't be covered under warranty or by audi.

Kimberly R. said
215 days ago
My 2016 Volkswagen turbo beetle had/has the bad wiring that attracts vermin. 660.00 later I had some new wiring to fuel pump.

Eric H. said
208 days ago
Twice my 2016 Porsche Targa disabled by rodents; first the power steering then the fuel line. I live in suburban area no other cars I've owned ever harmed. Remedies in thousands both times; covered by insurance. Now airbag bummer light coming on; may be rodents.

Chinan S. said
190 days ago
My Audi A4 2014 got wires chewed up by rodents, causing EPC light and Check engine light, and the engine will crank but not start for a minute. The dealer will not cover the cost and I will have to pay 500 dollars out of pocket.

Rick R. said
178 days ago
I have a 2015 VW Golf and just spent $356 to repair damage caused by rodents. Now I don't know what to do to keep it from happening again. The damage caused shorts which caused my engine light and oil sensor lights to come on in a false alarm.

Stephen E. said
164 days ago
2016 VW Jetta under warranty. EPC Light came on, took it to dealership that morning and was told it wouldn't be covered under warranty because it was rodent damaged. Cost me $487.00

Mike G. said
153 days ago
Just paid over $1000.00 for electrical repairs to VW due to rats eating these cables. The damage affected the crash sensors, windshield washer system, headlights, turning signals and air conditioner wiring. I only have 54k miles on this and have never had a problem like this with older cars I owned.

Dena W. said
136 days ago
I have a 2017 VW Passat and my oil sensor was just replaced today due to "critter" damage. I guess this happens often enough that the kid who checked my car in today pre-warned me that this could be the cause for my oil sensor light to be on. My car is parked in the garage 99% of the time and just happened to be parked on the driveway the night before the light went on. I live in the suburbs so we don't have a ton of critters around. Not like I live in the mountains. So after a $350 repair my car is fixed but no guarantee that it won't happen again. The gal at the service department advised that I spray the inside of the engine down with Simple Green. She stated she has advised others who have been in with critter damage, to do the same and it seems to be a great natural deterrent. Didn't know that was part of the regular maintenance when purchasing the vehicle in the rodent prevention policy. I mean come on. Seriously ticked by this.

Erika M. said
134 days ago
My issues was with an Audi Q5 wires were chewed due to a rat and dealer said it is not covered under warranty. $650 worth of damage with no guarantee that it won’t happen again.

Kimberly R. said
120 days ago
My 2016 VW classic turbo T beetle has been in the shop twice for vermin chewing wiring. VW Regional Manager Jennifer H. claims Volkswagen isn't aware of a problem with soy being used in the cars. When I ask to be provided with a guarantee from the manufacturer stating they do not use soy based wiring or other materials in the car, I was told they weren't able to provide such a document. We live in a subdivision and have three other cars parked in the driveway. The only car that is continuously attacked is the VW.

Radwa e. said
119 days ago
I am dealing with the same problem, I Just bought an Audi, and I went to start it the other day and it wouldn't start. I looked under the hood and I found all the wires chewed up and the insulation eaten into. and audi wont fix under my warranty!!!

Bernard P. said
110 days ago
I have the same problem (mouse chewing the wires) on a 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan 6k miles.

Khara M. said
99 days ago
I have a 2017 VW Jetta and a 2017 Fiat Spyder both being stored in the same garage. Took the Jetta into the dealer because it was running weird and was told that the wires were chewed up by a rodent. I checked my Fiat which I only drive two times a month because its a convertible. No damage. Just to the Jetta. The cost is $13K to fix but my insurance company said they will pay. I still have to pay a $1K deductible which is crazy. I would have never purchased this car if I knew it would attract mice/rats. I also had an exterminator who found no signs of rodents in my garage or house only this vehicle! I am upset and horrified. VW customer service won't assist.

Jennifer C. said
97 days ago
1 have a 2017 Ford Escape, today is now my second time being told I have a rodent issue with vehicle. First time cost me almost $600. Now they are saying it's going to be over $3000.00. I asked the service advisor to explain to me why 3 other vehicles that park right next to my new Escape don't have this problem but this new car does? He mentioned the new soy based wiring is probably attracting rodents. This is ridiculous that Ford goes eco-friendly on wiring and I have to pay for it.

Jennifer C. said
97 days ago
1 have a 2017 Ford Escape, today is now my second time being told I have a rodent issue with vehicle. First time cost me almost $600. Now they are saying it's going to be over $3000.00. I asked the service advisor to explain to me why 3 other vehicles that park right next to my new Escape don't have this problem but this new car does? He mentioned the new soy based wiring is probably attracting rodents. This is ridiculous that Ford goes eco-friendly on wiring and I have to pay for it.

Megan D. said
86 days ago
I have a 2017 Audi Q3, less than 4000 miles on it. Got a warning that the daytime running lights and the right front turn signal were out. Took it in for inspection and it turns out rodents ate through my wiring harness at the least. Still waiting for the insurance estimate to see exactly how extensive the damage is. The high end quote that I received from the dealership to fix this was $5,984.93. The rodents also pooped and peed all over my engine compartment and who knows what else. Now I'm concerned that their waste is coming in through the heating system and I can get sick. If a lawsuit happens, I want in. This is beyond ridiculous that after paying almost $50k for a car, I am on the hook for this! Yes, insurance "covers" the damage, but I still have to cough up a $1,000 deductible!

Brett C. said
78 days ago
Rodents got in and chewed the wiring harness in my three week old 2017 Golf R. Parked in the same spot my 2011 Golf had been for years.

Evelyn B. said
76 days ago
I have a 2015 Audi A5 that I keep in my garage. I have been battling with mice nesting in my car for approx. 2 years and just had a mechanic tell me that I now need a new wire harness, even though I have them check for mice every time I go in to have my oil changed or change over tires for the season. Manufacturer's should be held accountable for using materials that have caused such a large problem for their customers. Honda has a law suit against them for the same reason.

Jasmine B. said
24 days ago
I have a Volkswagen Jetta I have had for under a year the EPC Light came on I was directed to take my car in right away. I was told the wires were chewed up by rats. My friends grandmother had the same problem but with a Pasat. I did some investigating & found out this was an actual real issue. Please contact me.

Lance B. said
20 days ago
I have a new Honda CR-V EX-L which a rat chewed up the engine electrical harness. Damage was $1,000. Just 5000 miles later I got hit again but this time the rat not only ate the engine electrical harness but also the fuel tube that goes into the gas tank which made the gas tank lose all its gas. The dead rat was still in the engine. That damage was $3,000. I picked up the car and put rat traps next to the tires and actually caught a rat about to climb up the front tire into the engine. I would love to trade the car in and get any car that does not use soy based bioplastics wiring insulation but I cannot find that car.

LaLisa L. said
7 days ago
I have a 2015 Audi A6 that is costing me $2800+ to fix due to rodents eating my wires

Neal J. said
7 days ago
Our Porsche Cayenne Diesel has just been identified as having rodent damage to the wiring harness. The extent of damage at this time is unknown and our Kemper insurance adjuster is scheduled to inspect the car soon at the dealership Leith Porsche in Cary, NC. The guess of the cost is between $3000 to $800 but will not be determined until the car is taken apart. If the insurance company covers the claim we will be out $1000 deductible and our time and inconvenience.

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