Honda named in class action lawsuit over with defective engine starting systems in Accord and Crosstour vehicles

American Honda Motor Company

This is a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of current and former Honda vehicle owners and lessees with defective engine starting systems in model years (“MY”) 2013-15 Honda Accord and 2013-15 Honda Crosstour vehicles (the “Class Vehicles” or “Vehicles”).

The engine starter (or “starter motor”) is an essential component of a vehicle that spins the engine when the start position is engaged by the ignition system. This allows the vehicle’s engine to “start” and begin running. This action arises from Defendants’ failure, despite their longstanding knowledge of this material and manufacturing defect, to disclose to Plaintiff and other consumers that the Class Vehicles are predisposed to a starter system defect (collectively, the “Starter Defect”). This defect – which typically manifests during and shortly after the limited warranty period has expired – will inevitably cause the starter motors and batteries in the Class Vehicles to prematurely fail. Once the starter motors and batteries fail to operate correctly, the engines in the Class Vehicles will not start, leaving operators and passengers stranded.

Vehicles are rendered inoperable when the Starter Defect manifests. As alleged herein, the Class Members’ vehicles completely fail to start due to the Starter Defect since the vehicle’s engine cannot properly turn over in a manner as required to start the vehicle. This causes the operator and passengers to become stranded and often requires the vehicle to be towed to the nearest service provider, all at the consumer’s expense.

The complaint further claims that not only did Honda actively conceal the fact that particular components within the starter system were not assembled and manufactured correctly (and require costly repairs to fix), they did not reveal that the existence of this defect would diminish the intrinsic and resale value of the Class Vehicles.


Leah A. said
467 days ago
I have had the battery replaced and the starter replaced due to this same issue. Honda said it was because of cold weather (aIm in Los Angeles🤣) and that the replacing the battery messed up the system so it had to be reset and that was the new reason. What a joke.

Michael H. said
440 days ago
I have a 2013 Accord Sport, and just paid the $125 for diagnosis. Now they say it'll be over $800 to replace the starter, and the car is not even 4 years old. It is not right making payments on a car that needs a major repair, especially when I paid more, specifically for a Honda. I would like to know if there is any recourse for me, or am I just out of luck?

brenda g. said
435 days ago
i have and honda since 2005. up to 2017 i have replaced. starters and battery's countlesss times I have paid around 3000 for parts and labor because of this !!! it would've been nice to know that there was a problem from the beginning because on one of the starters i fixed i had to fix a couple of time s !! what a waste of money !!!

Christina F. said
406 days ago
I own a 2013 Honda Crosstour EX-L, which i bought preowned certified from the dealership in march of 2016. My car has reached the 55,000 mile mark a few weeks ago, and it has has this problem for the past few weeks. It has presented this problem to me at least 9 times already. the car will not start but all the power in my vehicle (lights, screens, overhead lighting ect...) will power on. I have to power down completely, and then try again. the last time it happened was yesterday (9/10/2017) while i was out with my children. i am very concerned of the outcome.

Jose C. said
405 days ago
I own a 2014 Honda Accord Sport. It needed a new battery at 12,000 miles. The car kept dying. But the battery kept coming out ok. This week I get told I need a new battery again. For the 3rd time. I'm irritated. The headlights also dim like it's losing power.

Matthew M. said
396 days ago
I have a 2014 Accord EX-L V6 that has this starter issue. It is progressively getting worse.

Janet C. said
396 days ago
Same issues as everyone else with my 2013 Honda Accord ex. Won't start! Very frustrating!

Michelle D. said
385 days ago
2014 Honda Crosstour EX-L V6 won't start...not a faulty battery because all lights come on but the car won't start. Honda quoted $700+ to replace starter...really Honda? You can't stand by your product.

Frank C. said
377 days ago
My 2013 Honda Accord has the starter problem. It’s the second time. It’s getting bad for a couple of weeks. I am going to make an appointment soon.

Beverly L. said
376 days ago
My 2015 Honda sport went dead yesterday 10/09/2017 at 8:30 am I took the car to the Honda dealer and they told me the battery was good and I needed a starter they quoted me $799. They told me the warranty expired for my car because it has 38,000 miles but they will change the starter for $250, I said okay. I got to work about noon, leaving work at 5:30 the car would not start. I call Honda and spoke to some that told me when they change starter they normally sell a battery also and they were closing shortly and I should get the battery checked. I told her my battery was replaced in February, also they check it in the morning and told me it was good. I went to advance auto part to check the battery and the battery failed I needed a new battery. Did Honda just sold me a starter that I did not need? I took the failed battery receipt to Honda and all they can say that's weird.

Thaddeus D. said
365 days ago
The starter of my 2013 Honda Accord was replaced in month of June 2013. The problem was apparently resolved for three months but I noticed the same problem with the starter. When I turn the car on it only makes a grinding noise. I have turn the engine off and usually the car starts on the second effort. The dealer refuses to accept that there is problem with starters of 2013, 14, and 2015 Honda Accords.

Jason J. said
364 days ago
2015 Honda Accord EX-L
All services have been preformed by the dealer we purchased the vehicle from new. The battery was first replaced under warranty in 2016. Then, we began noticing the failure to start issues and I voiced them to the service manager. Various excuses were given while the vehicle was still under warranty (foot not depressing pedal enough, key fob battery, etc). We had the car in for a recall as well, and again I asked them to check the starter. I made sure to watch them type into the computer about the issues. Two weeks ago, while the vehicle was being serviced at 45,000 miles, they determined the starter to have failed and wanted $700 to replace it since it was now out of warranty. It took all day and my delivery of the TSB to the service manager (of which he said he was unaware of) in order to get the Service Director to ONLY charge me $100. I had no choice but to pay it in order to get the car back. Now, this morning, another dead battery! Honda is now telling me that while they replaced the battery under warranty last year, it does not carry any additional warranty and wants $140 for a new battery. Oh, and the $140 battery they want to replace it with only carries a 12 month warranty. I will be buying a battery from another store for less money and a 3 year FREE replacement. This will make 3 batteries, a safety recall of the electrical system, and a new starter, all for a car that is 2 years old. I have filed a complaint with Honda directly but I doubt that will go very far. I thought Honda's were supposed to be reliable??

Prab P. said
327 days ago
I own 2013 Honda Accord EX and already replaced the battery an year ago (in summer 2016) and now it's the starter costing me about $750 - $800. I would like to join this law suit.

Brandee D. said
315 days ago
I bought my 2014 Honda Accord EX-L last year in Nov 2016 and it had 19000 miles on it and in Oct 2017 after having my son the starter started giving me problems. I went to Honda and the service guy said that it’s the starter and that it would cost me 800 bucks. I bought this car with intentions of getting something more reliable as my Old 2004 Honda Accord was almost on its last leg.. this is very disappointing that Honda is known as being reliable cars and they are ignoring that many of us are having the same issues with defective starters for the 2013-2015 models.

ANGELA B. said
304 days ago

Chad M. said
298 days ago
Having car towed as we speak! I took the car in for the recall on the battery terminal where they put a patch on it and stated the would have to order the part for replacement but doesn’t know why the starter is acting up.

TYLER S. said
292 days ago
2013 Accord, does not start in extreme temperatures, brand new battery. Bought this car because Hondas are suppose to be reliable. Owned a 2007 camry, and had little to no problems over the 5 years I owned it. Honda needs to recall this car as its a very obvious problem.

TYLER S. said
292 days ago
2013 Accord, does not start in extreme temperatures, brand new battery. Bought this car because Hondas are suppose to be reliable. Owned a 2007 camry, and had little to no problems over the 5 years I owned it. Honda needs to recall this car as its a very obvious problem.

Monica H. said
275 days ago
Same issue

Monica H. said
275 days ago
Same issue

Jamal A. said
274 days ago
My 2015 Honda Accord battery failed in early 2017, Honda told me it was not under warranty because I had 38,000 miles. I replaced with an AutoZone battery (3yr warranty...yay!), car ran good until a month ago. Now my car barely will start..WTF, this car is "brand new", and I'm scared to go back to the HONDA dealer. I am complaining because HONDA has treated me bad. I refuse to pay $750 for a starter on a brand new car.

Rafik A. said
271 days ago
I am experiencing the same problem with the starter, I took my 2013 Honda Accord to dealership, they told me to change the starter and that would cost

Jose P. said
269 days ago
Today my 2013 Honda Accord failed to start. I have about 50,000 miles on it and I feel that I will not get any help from the dealer or Honda as I can see from others responses.

Michael K. said
248 days ago
I own a 2013 Accord with 63K miles. I have been having the starter issues for the last 18-24 months. Replaced the battery to no avail, and finally had the starter replaced. Starting issue (grinding noise when using either push button start or remote start), continues.

T S. said
246 days ago
‘13 Accord Sport. Starter started not turning around 50k miles couple thousand miles later it’s locked solid.

242 days ago
I am now having the same issues with starting my 2013 push button Honda Accord. I have 64k miles and is now out of warranty. I am in Washington state. This problem has now happened to me 5 times, twice in the last week. the first time, I just thought i had left a light on or something.

Angelina R. said
241 days ago
As of 2/22/17 my 2014 Honda Accord starter has stop working COMPLETELY.

Christal M. said
234 days ago
I am having the same problem! My car completely shut down this time and I had to get it towed. I was stuck for hours trying to get help! People don't help like they used to! and couldn't pick up my child!!!

vuchleang t. said
234 days ago
I had this issue on the first year that I bought the car, brand new, back in 2013. The problem occur randomly. Sometime, it only took 2 to 3 try, other time it took 5 tried. I even replaced brand new battery after 40K miles. Finally, I saw the bulletin board regard the issue, released by Honda. After talking to dealer, they won't repair unless they can replicate the problem. Finally, last 2 month they did replicated, but want $800 for replacement. I even ask them, to what extent for the replace. They stated that they will only replace the starter and will not do anything related to the service bulletin board. Anyway, I got my local dealer to replaced it with genuine Honda starter, cost me $700, and it has work on the first push. So far, it's 2 weeks with zero problem. I feel that Honda know this issue and neglect it until the warranty expired and issue the service bulletin.

Laurie Q. said
230 days ago
I have a Honda Accord 2013 and from the start I have been in and out of the dealership for one problem or another. I previously opened a Honda thus why I decided to purchase another Honda. I never had any issues with it. My father is a mechanic so he’s constantly checking my vehicle, tire pressure and so on. For the last 3 years he has been telling me that my vehicle burns more oil than it should. He has checked my vehicle not long after my service light goes off only to find that I’m barely running with any oil and requires him to add more. I’ve brought it up to the dealerships employees attention only to be told they will look into it. I have also had problems with car heating up and refusing to turn on. My system failing due to the hot weather. My cameras acting up while un driving. I even have photos that I took after my camera decided to switch angles on its own. My tire pressure light has been constantly on for the last 2 years and so far they check the tire pressure turn off the light and within a few minutes it’s back on.

Jazel L. said
229 days ago
I purchased my 2013 Honda Accord used, with 30k miles. Just until about 50-55K miles I started having problems with this car starting. I took it to Honda for the starter problem and they said they couldn't find any issue. I took it back again a year later after dealing with this starter issue and now they decided that they would like to charge me about $750 for a new starter. I don't want to travel, my car is unreliable.

Keyshia G. said
227 days ago
I would like to know if I can join law suit. I have 2008 Honda Accord my warranty expired. I brought the 2008 Honda accord used with low miles around . I was in informed for Greer Honda deleted ship need a new starter. It has been 1yr and half since I have the car. I will like to trade car or have dealership to fix for $ 700 plus fees for repair.

Keyshia G. said
227 days ago
I would like to know if I can join law suit. I have 2008 Honda Accord my warranty expired. I brought the 2008 Honda accord used with low miles around . I was in informed for Greer Honda deleted ship need a new starter. It has been 1yr and half since I have the car. I will like to trade car or have dealership to fix for $ 700 plus fees for repair.

Jeanette B. said
224 days ago
I’m having the same problem with a 2013 Honda CR-V would like to start a lawsuit against the Honda company. Had the engine part replaced in 2017 and the noise is back again 2018.

Xuewu L. said
219 days ago
I have two Honda Accord 2014, both have the starting problem. One I bought extended warranty and I paid copay for the starter. The other Honda is without warranty, it wont start in a bit colder (45F) weather but will start in the afternoon hour when it gets warmer

Brittany L. said
216 days ago
I have a 2013 Accord that has gave me issues since i drove it off the lot. Within 5 years i have had 4 starters, 2 alternators, 4 batteries, 2 radio display screens replaced and the list continues. Luckily I bought the extended warranty. But why these parts continue to fail seems to be a mystery to the service department at Royal Honda in Metairie La. They are always blaming it on something else or saying it’s completely normal!! No its not!! I have tried for years to give this car back but they wont budge. Im stuck with a lemon i paid 30k for.

Jose C. said
216 days ago
I’m having the same issue with my Honda Acord 2013. It began around 45 k miles and now I’m at 46 k and it is progressively getting worse. You can hear the starter grind but the car won’t turn on. I’m going to have to take it to a mechanic and get the started changed at 46k miles. Unbelievable!

Julio V. said
211 days ago
Honda has had this battery issue since at least the 2005 Acura TL, I used to own one and disconnected my Bluetooth as well as upgraded the battery and never had the issue again but it shouldn't be up to the consumer to replace. My mother in law is having the same issue in her 2013 CRV that now needs it's 3rd new battery!!

Jo N. said
209 days ago
2014 Honda Crosstour same issues, in 2016 HONDA put a new starter in my car at that time my car only had 19,000 miles on it now it’s back to not starting approximately every 6th time I try to start it I’m so frustrated.

Sarah S. said
208 days ago
Same issue with 2013 Honda Accord

Amber M. said
206 days ago
I have a 2014 Honda Accord Sport and I've had to replace the battery, a fuel pump relay and now the starter. When I try to start the car, it just clicks and then nothing. It has been doing this for several months but it would eventually start up (10-40 clicks later). Now, it's sitting in my driveway unusable because it will not start at all. The dealership wants to charge nearly $1000 to replace the starter. Infuriating.

Guillermo J. said
189 days ago
My 2014 Honda Accord Sport has recently had the starter fail. I replaced at a cost of $707. Now, on startup, there is a grinding noise. Not sure if this issue is going to be problematic in the future or how to get it fixed.

Emil S. said
152 days ago
Yes, 2013 Honda Accord, bought last year pre-owned certified. This is a recurring theme. Already replaced the battery, then the battery sensor and I am now sitting here at Honda two days later dead again. I need a reliable car. I am waiting to see if they will cover the repair, they say now it is the starter. I had better luck with my 2004 ford focus.

Salvador S. said
152 days ago
Same issue with my 2015 accord twice I've taken it to the dealer, the dead battery left me stranded on the freeway.

Carol T. said
147 days ago
I have a 2013 honda accord that would not start due to starter failure. Had to get towed to Honda of Fishers In

Colin M. said
145 days ago
I have a 2013 accord coupe v6 ex-l and had to replace the starter and have the torque converter ring rotated as recommended by the Honda TSB 16-002. That was 7 months ago and the issue is back. I'm now told I have to replace the flex plate and which I'll be spending over $1200 to try and solve this problem not to mention the time it's consuming.

Randy C. said
132 days ago
Some of these cars are supposed to be covered under TSB 16-002, but if your VIN is not included you seem to be on the hook to pay for the repairs. It sounds like if the starter is just replaced and the ring gear is not taken care of properly the condition will return. Randy C.

Quintina M. said
132 days ago
I have a 2013 Honda Accord that will not start, the car only have 72 thousands miles, I don’t know what’s the problem!!

Jeff P. said
131 days ago
Intermittent Starter issues with 2013 Honda Accord v6. Problems began at approximately 78,000 miles. Dealership stated that they "replace about 2 of these each week". Estimated cost of repair is $715 out of pocket.

Martha C. said
130 days ago
I have the same issue ! My car has 44k miles and won’t start ! I have worked so hard to pay this car and as soon as I pay it off, the car won’t start! My dad replaced the battery and the car still doesn’t start. It will start some days and others it doesn’t. I work an hour away and I don’t want to be stranded again!

Camille A. said
125 days ago
I have a 2015 Honda Accord EX-L and started to experience starting issues a few months ago. The first time I had just finished washing my car and it would not start leaving me stranded at the car wash. Second time was a similar situation in which I had just washed my car and the next day it would not start. After the second time I took my car to the Honda dealership and of course they couldn’t find anything wrong. Everything checked out fine. To make a long story short, my car wouldn’t start at random times for the past few months so after taking my car to Honda multiple times I was finally told I need a new starter and battery. Of course my car was no longer under warranty so I was stuck paying this massive bill. I just got the starter and battery replaced. If Honda knows about this issue they should be fixing this problem free of charge. I want to join this lawsuit.

Bryan C. said
125 days ago
My 2013 Honda Accord V6 intermittently makes a grinding sound and fails to start when I press the start button. I just dropped my car off at the dealer this morning and gave them TSB No. 16-002. They quoted me $800 to replace the starter. I've owned Honda vehicles for years and they've always been dependable. This is frustrating.

Jasper S. said
125 days ago
I have the same issues with intermittent starting. 2013 Accord with 45,000 miles. How are they not being held accountable for this?

Delane S. said
122 days ago
2015 Honda Accord battery issues every year
Now ignition starter problem
I am at the dealership now

Jerome J. said
119 days ago
I have had to replace my starter for my 2013 at a little of 60k. Honda wanted to charge me 1300.00 for repairs.

Becky S. said
119 days ago
I have a 2014 Honda Accord ex with only 72,000 miles and it doesn't want to start. I have already replaced the alternator and had the battery load tested without fixing the issues.

Adele G. said
118 days ago
My 2013 Honda Accord has just under 50,000 miles on it, starter now dead, had been giving problems for the past few months not starting sometimes, then would start after a few tries.

Michael Y. said
115 days ago
I have to turn the keys 6 or 8 times to start my car. Honda 2014 is garbage and I want a refund

Stephanie K. said
113 days ago
Same issues with my 2013 Honda Accord bought it brand new and had issues with my starter in the first 3 months had to get it replaced in the first year of owning the car..And still having problems now.

Christa K. said
113 days ago
I have a 2013 honda accord that I purchased 4.5 years ago and has around 73,000 miles on it. My starter died last week and I was charged $680 to have it fixed, and was told it is not covered under my extended warranty because it is considered "wear and tear". At 73000 miles seriously? Everyone I have talked to has never had to replace a starter for as long as they have had their vehicle.

111 days ago
My 2014 Honda Accord ELX started having problems shortly after 40,000 miles. It left stranded twice. I nearly did not make to my appointment to get the starter replaced. They hemmed and hawed about doing the diagnostic for $125. And yes it was the starter. Started at $690, then saw I was looking for a coupon and offered $50 off. Also offered a re-manufactured one with a warranty of 3 years/36,000 miles. Cost me $674 in the end.

richard e. said
109 days ago
I have a 2014 Honda Accord sport and my battery went out at 36,695 miles. I ended up buying one of their lifetime batteries for $174.00 since it wasn't covered by the warranty. At 41,000 my car is now having trouble starting. I'm going to to take it in and I'm fearing it's the expensive starter like everyone else is mentioning. I also received a recall notice concerning the battery. There is obliviously something defective with the starting systems on these vehicles. Honda knows about it and needs to make it right!

Nakhon R. said
102 days ago
I have a 2015 honda accord coupe. 45000mile just week ago have problem with start engine. Twice or more but today 10time to be able to start the car. So i bought to shop. They said need new starter with labor will be $700.00 what the hell only 3 year car.

Heather B. said
98 days ago
Just bought a certified, pre-owned 2015 Honda Accord that has approx 38,000 miles on it. Same issue. We are now about to replace the starter and Honda says it is not covered under warranty or recall.

Kimberly B. said
95 days ago
Yes. I have a 2015 Honda Accord XLE with 62,000 miles and the dealership told me I needed a new starter. I replaced the starter to no avail. I was then told that only a Honda starter would work. The non Honda starter started my car when installed, but the click click persist. Original starter is now back on the car, and now I'm out $500 and the problem is not fixed. I am a teacher and a single parent and dont have money for these repairs.

Ellis B. said
92 days ago
I have the same issue

Jonathan T. said
90 days ago
2015 Accord Ex-L purchased New in July 2015. Starter problems, complete with a dead battery around 65k miles. I won't get into the other problems. This is my sixth Honda car, and my last... My sister, mother, ex-wife, and daughter all drive Honda's...

. said
87 days ago
I purchased my2015 accord coupe from a Cadillac dealer with 49000 miles on it three weeks ago since then it’s had two starters and still grinds and sometimes fails to start I was told by the first shop i took it to that it needs a new fly wheel ring gear this means pulling out the whole trasmission huge job costing over $2000 I can’t imagine how much damage this must be causing to my transmission thankfully the dealer I got it from says the will pay the bill I’m taking it to Honda tomorrow

Kyle D. said
84 days ago
My 2013 Accord started having issues about a year ago. The car would usually start after 4-5 tries, however last week it completely went out. I had the car towed to the shop and had the starter replaced. The starter actually got so hot it melted the rubber boot and plastic piece on starter, it also melted a vacuum line that sits just above the starter. The shop was surprised my car did not catch on fire. If you are having the same issue I suggest you replace your starter immediately. When I talked to the service center at the Marysville Honda plant they hinted around that they know of the issue but would not completely come out about it. A reman starter through them was 300.00 which is 160 cheaper than buying threw the dealership.

Juanica B. said
84 days ago
I have a 2014 Honda Accord that I bought brand new. Had to replace the battery in less than two years and now I am being told I need a starter at 75,000 miles. Dealership told me that they replace starters 3-5 times a day on these vehicles, yet there hasn't been a recall and now they want to charge over $700 to replace it. What amazes me is that the car didn't start having problems until they supposedly fixed the recall they had on the battery management sensor. What's really weird is that every time I unhook the battery sensor the car starts immediately, but the Honda dealership says it's just a coincidence.

DeRouen D. said
83 days ago

Jennifer F. said
82 days ago
I’m having to replace the starter in my ‘15 Accord EXL

Rita P. said
82 days ago
Replaced battery 2x, might be on my 3rd. Going to need to take my 2013 Honda Accord in because now we are having trouble with starter issues.

Marielena B. said
82 days ago
I have 2014 honda accord 25000 miles already changed battery once and starter had to be replaced. Told because over 3 years not covered under warranty. I also had repairs for battery sensor recall

Marielena B. said
82 days ago
I have 2014 honda accord 25000 miles already changed battery once and starter had to be replaced. Told because over 3 years not covered under warranty. I also had repairs for battery sensor recall

Anna C. said
81 days ago
I am also having the same issue. Bought a pre-own 2014 Honda Accord at a Honda Dealer. I bought the car Jan. 2017. After I took my car to get the battery recall replaced Jan. 2018, in May it started having the same issue like everyone else. It started with 2 tries for before car will start up. Then a couple of days ago. It would crank but not start. Thought maybe it was the battery. Went to Honda and they told me my battery had no warrnty. So went to Walmart bought a new one. Car still crank but started. Took it to Autozone for a test. They said it was the starter and a brand new battery is already down to 94%. I'm going to have to replace the starter now. And maybe even the alternator.

Emily S. said
81 days ago
2013 Honda Crosstour EXL here @ 72,634 miles; we purchased the vehicle at 32,000 miles in 2015 and it worked great until about 2016 when the starter would occasionally not start. Come 2017 we got stationed overseas in Germany; turns out Crosstour parts are hard to come by here so we tried rebuilding it at first which did not solve the issue. Just paid $1,032 for the whole repair including diagnosing. Now I see why we went through 2 car batteries in this short amount of time owning it.

Martha G. said
78 days ago
My 2014 Accord EX-L had the same issue, It started around 29,000. I replaced the starter at 34,000. I bought it certified pre owned with 6000 miles

Stacy D. said
78 days ago
2013 Honda Accord - 69000 miles - with intermittent starting problems. 2 new starters and an electrical harness replacement have not solved the problem. Dealership is trying to resolve the problem.

GEORGE P. said
77 days ago
We are a Honda family..I have a 2015 Honda Accord EX-L with 92000 miles and my wife has a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L with 4100 miles and guess what...
We both have the same push button starting issue. Sometimes it works and sometimes it takes numerous attempts for the starter to engage. Last week after spending over ten minutes and countless attempts to start the 2014 Accord, a new starter was installed. I guess it's only a matter of time when my 2015 Accord will have the same outcome. Honda needs to fix this issue!!
A recall should be implemented and owners should be reimbursed by Honda.......

Jessica H. said
75 days ago
Same issue. 2013. 77,000 and started having issues starting 3 days ago. Left stranded with my 2 kids $800 today on a new starter. This car is unreliable. Never buying another Honda

Vanessa S. said
74 days ago
I have a 2014 Honda Accord Sport and had an electrical issue within the first year... honda fixed it 3x for the same issue same issue until it was finally fixed. I have since then replaced the battery 2x and now the starter gave out. So much for having a reliable honda.

Sienna S. said
71 days ago
Same issu, 2015 Honda Accord lx, intermittent starting, replaced batter 2x

Ashley B. said
71 days ago
I’m having the same issue! Very upset about this because I don’t have that kind of money to be fixing it, and I’ve only had the car for two years ! We bought it used , we’ve replaced the battery, and now it’s having a starter issue! This is absurd!

Himanshu P. said
69 days ago
I am also having same issue in 2013 Accord, it started a year before. Left stranded with my kid in it in a mall parking lot and dealer asked $800 to replace a new starter. I dont have that kind of money, it takes almost 15 to 20 attempts to start car. I still haven't fixed it. This car is unreliable. Never buying another Honda nor reccomend it.

Mitzi M. said
69 days ago
I own a 2013 Honda Accord Sport Manual. I have been having starter issues for about 6 months now and it finally went out. My car only has 50,000 miles on it and I already had to replace the battery in April 2018. A car with this type of reputation should not have these kinds of issues especially when it looks like the company has had knowledge about this issue. Needless to say there should be a recall and a refund for those who have or will be paying out of pocket.

Mitzi M. said
69 days ago
I own a 2013 Honda Accord Sport Manual. I have been having starter issues for about 6 months now and it finally went out. My car only has 50,000 miles on it and I already had to replace the battery in April 2018. A car with this type of reputation should not have these kinds of issues especially when it looks like the company has had knowledge about this issue. Needless to say there should be a recall and a refund for those who have or will be paying out of pocket.

Edgar R. said
68 days ago
2014 Honda Accord Sport with 63,000 miles and started experiencing the same issue over the last few weeks. All the dashboard lights will come on but the vehicle will make one click sound. I would then turn the key to the off position and re-try and the vehicle will start. This happened the first time I notice it, now I'm having to do this 4 or 5 times before the vehicle starts. Had originally owed a 1995 Nissan Altima and only stated having major problems with the vehicle after reaching around 170K miles. Thought I would have the same luck with Honda brand but this is turning out to be a mistake. Will never buy Honda or recommend Honda to anyone.

Jason o. said
67 days ago
I own a 2014 Honda Accord Sport Manual with 42,000 miles. Having the same exact issues with my starter. Car won't start until I turn the key 20 times or so. Getting so bad I can't drive the car anymore. Honda needs to fix this issue and refund the customers who had to fix it with their hard earned cash!

Vanessa R. said
67 days ago
I own a 2015 Honda Accord Sport, it currently have 90k miles on it and I'm experiencing the same issue with the starter. I have to turn the key 7-10 times before it starts. It also turned off once while I was driving on the freeway, thankfully I had enough room to pull over. This issue is becoming a driving hazard and I'm extremely upset that I trusted Honda enough to pay close to 38k for this car!

Mary H. said
64 days ago
2014 Accord EXL-V6. Replaced first battery about a year ago and another 2 days ago at 38,709 miles. Starter has been acting up about 6-8 months now. Solenoid clicks when trying to start. After 1-2 tries it engages and the car starts. It is random and got worse until the battery died. I thought it was just another bad battery. The problem did not go away with the new battery. Sounds like everyone's issue with the starter failing prematurely. This is my fourth Honda and now probably my last.

gloria s. said
63 days ago
Accord started misfiring over a month ago. Last summer battery replace, now they claim starter is bad. Been stranded for several minutes up to an hour.
Car has about 65,000 miles.

Amanda H. said
63 days ago
Haveing same issue with 2013 Honda Accord warranty up and won't start

John B. said
53 days ago
Same problem as all of these other consumers. Honda 2014 V6 Accord, starter failing. Now we get to devote endless hours and money tracking this problem in hopes of finding a solution. Just what we all need !!!!!

Phillip D. said
53 days ago
I have the same issue and it's progressively getting worse. I have a 2014 V6 Accord with 80k miles. At first, it started off with not starting after 1 attempt. Then it moved on to 2-3 attempts. Now it's taking me 4 attempts to start the car and only after I give the car a minute or two from the previous attempt in which it'll then start.

Lin Z. said
53 days ago
I paid Honda dealer over 700 to replace starter on 2014 accord. I want to join the lawsuit and get money back.

Aleksander N. said
52 days ago
I started having the same problem with the starter with 2013 Honda Accord. I also replaced battery about a year ago, did not think much about but it seems to be a pattern. Recently I paid over $ 2,500 for repairing a burnt exhalation valve on cylinder # 2. What I am reading on internet this fault also quite often appears on the internet. Now I have to replace the defective starter? All my cars and my family have always been Honda, but I seriously doubt that I will buy another Honda.

Mollie S. said
48 days ago
My 2014 Accord is doing the same thing. The push button won't turn over the engine for several tries and keeps getting worse.

Erika L. said
46 days ago
Having starter issues slow cranking or no start depending on whatever mood the cars in

Jose Z. said
44 days ago
2015 Honda Crosstour V6 just went dead on me! Started system showed up on my dash! Been at the dealership all day for them to tell me that the battery is dead and then need me to buy a new one before they can check what’s wrong. I have also had AC problems just the other day my AC wouldn’t come on... I had to turn off the car a few times and then it started. This car is 3 years old and has 60k miles. I just can’t believe I would be having problems with a new car.

Shaun R. said
44 days ago
I have a 2014 Accord Sport with 46k miles I bought brand new. I've had all my service done at Honda including the 30,000 mile checkup. The last few months I have had intermittent problems with it starting but it never took more than 1-2 tries before it started. It either starts with no problem at all or it doesn't even try to turn. Just once click. But no issues with dim lights on my dashboard or anything that would make me think the battery was weak. Not to mention I got the battery tested and it passed. All of the sudden, it doesn't seem to want to start at all. Sometimes I will stop and come back and get lucky, but it is, in no way, reliable. This has left my wife, now 38 weeks pregnant, stranded and has put an enormous amount of stress on both of us. Although I have an appointment with Honda, I could not sit around and wait 3 days and changed the starter myself. It started up, once, right after I changed it, but now, is back to not starting again. The battery is less than 2 years old because I had to change that due to a failure at 37k miles. I made the decision to allocate our money towards one new reliable car for my wife while I drive a '97 Accord with 250k. Is it reasonable for me to expect a car with less than 50k miles, kept in a garage, serviced regularly to not have these types of fundamental issues? Is there some negligence on my end, either by the way I drive or the lack preventative maintenance that could have led to this issue? I chose Honda for reliability. That is not what I got.

Rama P. said
44 days ago
I have a 2015 honda accord touring with 45k miles. Sometime my car does not start on first try. It just get a nice like static. I mention to the dealer every time I go to the dealer and they don't get the noise when they start. Today is dealer was able to replicate after 5 trys. He says he needs to do diagnostic which is 200$ and based on that he can tell the total cost.

Holly G. said
37 days ago
I have a 2013 Honda Accord Sport manual with 87,000 I purchased a Honda due to them always having longevity in the past. I replaced the battery 6 months ago and now I am having to take it to the shop to have the starter replaced on Monday. My 2003 Dodge Durango seems more reliable right now than my 2013 Honda

Kim L. said
36 days ago
I own a 2013 Honda Accord and have had to replace the battery 3 times. 2 of which were covered under the warranty and 1 not covered as well as leaving me stranded and having to call for a wrecker service. My car currently has 61,000 miles on it. This isn't the only issue that I am experiencing with this Honda I am having to replace the resistor motor and blow motor for the air conditioner and my left passenger door lock won't work and have already switched the battery in the remote so have to use the key. Contacting the dealership is useless they want your business if you want to pay too much . The labor charges are outrageous and unfair to customers. I called to get an estimate on parts separate then requested to be transferred to service for an estimate for the repair for the air condition the parts for the air condition was 174.98 and the labor was over 600.00. Wake up people Honda service is robbing us blind for service. You can look the information up online and perform it yourself and I am no mechanic. I had a lot of trust in Honda but after this I feel taken advantage of.

Jacob E. said
28 days ago
2014 honda accord sport starter us out

Melissa C. said
22 days ago
I have a 2014 Honda Accord Sport with less than 45000 miles. I have replaced the battery twice and that wasn't the issue. We tested the starter and found out it is indeed the starter. I am not an Uber/Lyft driver, I am not a delivery driver, I don't live in a cold area, and I do not stop/start my car continuously.

William S. said
18 days ago
2014 Honda Accord...Starter won't start

Breonna S. said
16 days ago
Over almost three years I have had the same problemis several times and Honda has explored the issue several times. Even replaced my battery. The problem persisted. Now they find out the real problem, after my warranty expired.

Edgar V. said
10 days ago
I have a 2014 Accord Ex-L and I bought it brand new from a Honda dealership in LA County( El Monte) and I have done no altering of the car meaning i have kept it in the same stock form they sold it to me and I have kept it up to date with the oil changes and all the necessary maintenance needed but I must say I have already replaced the battery 3-4 times and have had to replace air conditioning, whenever I roll up the window it's really work and takes a while to roll up. The drive feels off all the time and ive already gotten my brakes replaced in a short amount of time to of time of each other and the tire pressure monitor is very unstable and even when I got new tires no matter how many times I calibrate the tire pressure at the correct psi or even have it done by the workers at the dealer the tire pressure always goes low within a day or two and I have to constantly keep stabilizing it. When I went shopping for cars back in '14 I really thought this would be a good option from all the good reliability reviews I've seen from past year Honda's but this car is basically still brand new since it's from 2014 and it's given me numerous issues I thought I was the only one struggling with this but I see now that it's a manufacturing + engineering defect of the car and I travel for work and am always feeling vulnerable while commuting like always telling myself will it make it or not. It is unstable and poses a threat on the road for potential casualties I'm seeing now the bigger picture of everything leading up to starter problems or supposed diagnosis but the problem remains mine just got the fcw system failed and the car light indicators light up and it won't start this just occurred yesterday 10-11-2018 but I'm reading all these same problems I can relate to with this vehicle I would like to know how I can join this lawsuit as we as consumers deserve satisfaction with our purchases and since Honda has not met these requirements we deserve full compensation.

Ginnette H. said
10 days ago
I've replaced my starter twice on my 2013 Honda crosstour, Honda dealer price for changing it was over 1000.00, so went else were problem still persist. I "WAS" a trustworthy Honda person but after the issues I've had with my crosstour I'm very dissatisfied. Obviously a manufacturer issue that should be addressed. I

Ginnette H. said
10 days ago
I've replaced my starter twice on my 2013 Honda crosstour, Honda dealer price for changing it was over 1000.00, so went else were problem still persist. I "WAS" a trustworthy Honda person but after the issues I've had with my crosstour I'm very dissatisfied. Obviously a manufacturer issue that should be addressed. I

Rony K. said
8 days ago
I am a mechanical engineering student, a car lover, a BIG Honda enthusiast and love working on them. I just wanted to leave this comment here to help others as it seems like everyone who is having starting issues with their late model V6 Hondas just keeps paying to replace starters. PLEASE STOP REPLACING STARTERS, THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE!! The real problem is the ring gear on the torque converter. The teeth that the starter engages with wear out and cause the no-start issue where the starter grinds a couple times before starting, here is a picture of one I recently worked on:

There are two ways to remedy this issue. You can have the torque converter replaced (very expensive, we are talking a couple thousand), or you can have the torque converter re-positioned (1 hour labor).

Re-positioning the torque converter will be a temporary fix that should by a year or two of time depending on how frequently the engine is started, it is not a permanent fix. This works because when the engine is turned off it comes to a stop at the same positions, usually plus or minus about 45 degrees of the top dead center on a compression stroke. So the starter engages the same teeth on the ring gear every time the engine is started. There are usually two spots on the ring gear where the teeth are worn and they are 180 degrees apart.

Have your mechanic remove the torque converter inspection plate (2 bolts) then remove the 8 bolts connecting the torque converter to the flex plate which will then allow the mechanic to freely rotate the torque converter and ring gear. Have the mechanic rotate it by ONE bolt hole, either clockwise or counter clockwise, and reinstall the bolts and inspection plates.

Now every time your engine stops, there are new ring gear teeth for your starter to engage with at start up and you will not have any starting issues until those teeth wear out. when that happens, Rotate the torque converter one more time in the same direction as previously, this will buy you another couple years.

Juan C. said
6 days ago
I have a 2013 Accord Sport I replace the starter one year ago after six months I began to have the grinding issues when starting the car. Per the dealer the flywheel was damage so I have to replaced the torque converter, we’ll see how long this last before I have to replace it again

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