General Motors named in class action lawsuit over defective air conditioner in vehicles

General Motors

The complaint alleges that the air conditioning unit sold in certain GM vehicles is defective resulting in system failure during normal, everyday use. According to the complaint, two defects in the system cause refrigerant to leak out. The absence of refrigerant prevents the evaporator from becoming cold, causing the system to blow hot air into the car’s passenger compartment and, in some cases, causing other parts of the system to fail.

The first defective component is the line leading from the compressor to the condenser. This line consists primarily of an aluminum tube connected to a rubber hose. On information and belief, this line can fail in two ways. First, the aluminum tube can become disconnected from the rubber hose, creating an opening in the line that can allow refrigerant to escape. Second, the aluminum tube itself has a material defect that can allow the tube to rupture, also allowing refrigerant to escape.

The second defective component in the air conditioning system of the Class Vehicles is the condenser itself. On information and belief, the original condenser has a material defect that renders it unable to withstand the day-to-day normal operation of Class Vehicles. On information and belief this defect is most likely due to: (i) the use of an inadequate material to build the condenser, (ii) the use of an insufficient amount of material in the manufacture of the condenser and/or (iii) inadequate weld.


The Vehicles involved in this case include:

Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV, model years 2015 to date;

Chevrolet Suburban, model years 2015 to date;

GMC Yukon and Yukon XL, model years 2015 to date;

Chevrolet Tahoe, model years 2015 to date;

GMC Sierra 1500, model years 2014 to date;

GMC Sierra Heavy Duty, model years 2015/2016;

Chevrolet Silverado 1500, model years 2014 to date; and

Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty, model years 2015/2016


Mitch v. said
58 days ago
My 2015 GMC Yukon air conditioning doesn't work. I took it in for service and they said it is the same issue mentioned above.

Tim J. said
42 days ago
Bought a 2014 chevy silverado, have had same issues with the air condition system.

Chad D. said
38 days ago
my 2015 Suburban LTZ has these symptoms also. Of course GM says up to 60,000 miles, but its been 8 months since we needed AC in minnesota so now im over 60k when i find the issue.

Marianne B. said
32 days ago
My 2015 Chevy Suburban needed the defective condenser replaced this week. Cost me $900+ out of pocket.

ALLEN W. said
31 days ago
I have the same ac problem on my 2014 Silverado 1500.

Chris D. said
30 days ago
2015 gmc Sierra 1500. Same exact issue. I hope they pay!

Chris D. said
30 days ago
2015 gmc Sierra 1500. Same exact issue. I hope they pay!

jeff s. said
27 days ago
Brand new 2018 Silverado 1500 with no A/C at 3000km. New condenser on order under warranty but dealership advised they have 20 on backorder with no ETA in sight. this is going to be a hot uncomfortable summer.

27 days ago
2015 Chevy Tahoe with no ac the dealer said it would be over 1800to fix and I’m over 60 k miles

Gerardo T. said
26 days ago
Ac stopped working, did a lot of research online and found this is a known issue. Called customer service for GM and was informed I do not meet the requirements for the extended coverage due to the fact that I have 64k miles , which exceeds the 60k maximum for the extended coverage on the AC unit

James B. said
23 days ago
2014 GMC Sierra with 62k miles, leak in the condenser.

Samantha C. said
14 days ago
I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 that my air conditioning compressor went out. I need to talk to an attorney who can help me get it fixed. I was told it was going to cost me $1,500 to get it fixed.

Jordan R. said
12 days ago
WTF... My A/C stopped working today and is blowing hot air. I just purchased this 2015 Yukon SLT (used) with under 55k miles. I will have to take it out to the dealership tomorrow and see what they say. So pissed right now reading about this and the fact that this is not considered a recall or GMC not having available parts for corrective actions... I purchased this vehicle because I got tired of spending money on my last vehicle for upkeeps...

Todd S. said
12 days ago
I had my evaporator go bad with a crack in the weldement

Todd T. said
12 days ago
Same problem A/C stopped working.

DANIEL G. said
10 days ago
Is a 2015 traverse in this to I'm having major issues 1 month out of warranty even though I took it in for the same problem once before and they said it was fine

manuel f. said
10 days ago
I have the same issue the hose, condensor and compressor are faulty.

Lee M. said
9 days ago
I bought a 2015 GMC sierra and the compressor went out with 40,000 miles and the condenser went out with 67,000 miles. Dealer want admit there's a problem

Michelle P. said
6 days ago
Same issue

Stacy P. said
5 days ago
Have a 2009 Chevy Traverse and have had trouble with the air for over 3 years. It started with a hissing sound when the air was on and now the system just blows hot air and the ac light will flash 3 times and go off. I have read on many forums about numerous owners of Chevy Traverse vehicles having similar problems from all years 2009 until present. Will the Traverse model be included in this lawsuit?

Michael B. said
5 days ago
2014 Chevy Silverado 46K miles. A/C stopped cooling took to dealer. Was told condenser had a crack in it. Rep said maybe I ran over something. Did some research and found out about all the issues and complaints. Dealer said there was no recall in effect. Cost me 1600.00 to fix.

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