Ford recalls Fusion and Milan vehicles over leaking fuel tanks

Ford Motor


Ford Motor Company is recalling certain model year 2010-2011 Ford Fusion vehicles manufactured July 21, 2008, to March 4, 2011, and 2010-2011 Mercury Milan vehicles manufactured July 23, 2008, to December 10, 2010. The affected vehicles have fuel vapor canisters whose purge valves may not operate properly resulting in abnormal pressure changes in the fuel tank.

The pressure changes may cause the tank to crack and leak fuel. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of a fire.

Approximately 411,000 vehicles are affected by the recall

Ford will notify owners, and dealers will update the vehicle powertrain control modules and inspect the vehicle for any diagnostic trouble codes for this issue and perform a leak test on the Canister Purge Valve. The fuel tank will be inspected for cracks. The CPV and fuel tank will be replaced as necessary. These repairs will be performed free of charge. The recall is expected to begin January 11, 2016.


Elwanda B. said
482 days ago
I have a 2013 for s focus and am having the same issues withe fuel tank they say the tank is deformed now tell me how does that happen not ro mention other problems with the transmission etc

476 days ago
I have 2006 f150 ford truck with the 5.4 and i have had nothing but probles with it. Bought with 6,000 miles on it. At around 60,000 it started to have its issues. Spark plugs, transmission, cam, spark plugs, sensor, spark plugs, now their telling me they dont know whats wrong with it and i should get a new motor. Priced at 8,000. I only have 140,000 miles on it. And probably have put over 8,000 for repairs already. So im still stuck with a problem unsolved. Truck still runs just sounds like a diesel and sputters.

Chris F. said
460 days ago
07 f 150 have motor trouble gauge trouble rust trouble electronic trouble only has 74923 miles on it

Tabatha B. said
418 days ago
I have a 2010 Fusion with this recall. Ford is saying I wont have my car back until Dec 2016. I asked for a buy out but they refused. I asked Ford to fix any new problems that will come up from sitting for a year again they refused. I don't understand why I will need to buy tires, battery or anything else that might be wrong with it. It's not my fault they have a recall on half a million cars and dont have the parts to fix it. I want my car to be 100% when I get it back. Ford claims they only have to fix the recall.

Melissa D. said
415 days ago
Mine failed the test so currently I'm in a rental with no ETA on when this part will arrive. My letter from ford stated the third quarter whatever that means.

Heather M. said
401 days ago
I have the same issue with my 2010 milan eta aug 2016 they have had my car sense dec 2015 this is unfair and not right ! Also i agree after sitting in a lot for a year its bound to have problems when it finally gets fixed. Very upset.

Heather M. said
401 days ago
I have the same issue with my 2010 milan eta aug 2016 they have had my car sense dec 2015 this is unfair and not right ! Also i agree after sitting in a lot for a year its bound to have problems when it finally gets fixed. Very upset.

Steve P. said
346 days ago
Is there a lawsuit for this recall? I'm going to be forced to go without my car for nearly 9 months if their ETA for repairs is correct. They should be responsible for buying the vehicles back that this point or offering that as an alternative to waiting for repairs.

Donald B. said
343 days ago
My 2010 fusion has been sitting since January of 2016 with cracked fuel tank. Being told by dealership may not be completed till some time in September. Was only offered 3000 on trade in value, which is ridiculous. When all said and done I will have a car with dead battery, possible fluid leaks, and flat spotted tires,yet it my responsibility to fix. Ford should offer some sort of buy back program for vehicles that are depreciating in their parking lot!

Faith E. said
341 days ago

341 days ago
Not to mention the fact that while I was driving the vehicle with a cracked gas tank there were three children in my car so I'm sure that they will love all the charges of child endangerment slapped on them

Mary K. said
328 days ago
I have the same problem with my 2011Fusion. My car had to be removed from my job because of the gas leaking from fuel tank. My grandkids and I have been inhaling gas vapor and had no ideal that it was from this. My car has been at the Dealer since 12/8 and I am in a Rental. I have wrote Ford CO,
the main headquarters with no response. Can someone help?

Heather M. said
271 days ago
2010 mercury milan same gas leak problem ford has has my car for almost a year due to this recall

Jeff Z. said
263 days ago
Same here February 2016 still waiting I hope a buyback starts I am stuck with this car and can't sell or trade it

Jonathan V. said
239 days ago
My 2011 Ford Fusion SE was recalled for the fuel tank issue. When I took it to the dealership in April 2016, I was told it was one of the worst they'd seen. I just got it back last week, August 24th. I was given a loaner car. When I returned the loaner, the service desk guy checked it out and sent me on my way. An hour later, someone from the dealership called wanting a credit card on file to charge me for what amounts to normal wear and tear. Am I liable for this? I argued with them and said send the bill to my lawyer.

Bernice H. said
233 days ago

Janet R. said
208 days ago
I took my car (2010 Mercury Milan) in for this recall because my tank started leaking for the 2nd time. Had it replaced first time out of pocket because it was prior to recall. Had it replaced 2nd time out of pocket because of neighbor complaints and it was too late to take in to dealership that day. Took it in next morning and they did all the tests and I kept the tank to show them so I could get my refund, supposedly the tank had no cracks and they told me they don't know why I even replaced it. Trust me there was a noticeable Crack so I got no refund for either of the times I had to have it replaced out of my own pocket, one of which required renting a car for a little over a week also out of my own pocket. There were issues with all the other problems this recall was for and they took care of them.

Terry D. said
166 days ago
We have a 2007 Ford Edge, we are having trouble with the PTU, we have replace front shocks rear and back brakes ,right front drive axle we have replaced twice wheel bearing on right front and both rear,this car is costing us a fortune, we do like ford products, but i do believe this one is a lemon to say the least, if anything can be done let us know, in need of help.

Fermin R. said
81 days ago
2010 ford fusion here. The car has been stalling when idle and took in in last year. Ford dealership said there is nothing they can do. Now the stalling is worse and there is a fuel leak from the tank. There is a constant drip now. From what I have read, there is nothing being done. Something needs to be done about this. One spark and the car goes up in flames. I have a wife and three kids....

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