Fluidmaster Inc. named in class action lawsuit over latent defect in “No Burst” Toilet Connectors

Fluidmaster Inc.

This action seeks to redress the latent defects in Fluidmaster’s “No Burst” Toilet Connectors with acetal coupling nuts (“Toilet Connector”). Fluidmaster claims to be a world leader in toilet repair and plumbing products. During the relevant period, Fluidmaster designed, manufactured, distributed, and sold flexible Toilet Connectors. To permit water flow into the toilet tank, a Toilet Connector connects the water fixture shut-off valve to the base of the toilet using a plastic coupling nut. These plastic coupling nuts are uniformly defective in their design and labeling. As a result, the Toilet Connector poses a substantial risk of failure by permitting the unrestricted flow of water into the home causing damage to property.

As alleged in the complaint, Fluidmaster knew about the defects with its Toilet Connectors and that they were prone to failure following routine installation. Fluidmaster also knew that as early as 2003, a mechanically and financially feasible, safer alternative design for the Toilet Connector that presented no adverse consequences to the product or to the consumer was available in the marketplace. Rather than replace these defective Toilet Connectors, the complaint alleges that Fluidmaster concealed and suppressed its knowledge of these defects, exposing Plaintiffs and the putative Classes to a substantial risk of significant property damage.

Fluidmaster remediated many of the design defects with its Toilet Connectors, including a wholesale change of the plastic material. Fluidmaster, however, never notified Plaintiffs and the members of the putative Classes that a remediated product was available. Instead, Fluidmaster left Plaintiffs and the putative Classes exposed to the risk of catastrophic water damage by the defective product, while it slipped its remediated Toilet Connectors into the market undetected.

This action seeks to both compensate those who have already suffered damages caused by the Toilet Connector and minimize any future damages by publicly disclosing the existence of the defects and establishing a protocol to remove them from properties.


Mike B. said
1185 days ago

Mark S. said
1179 days ago
one final test

anthony w. said
905 days ago
I have a toilet with a flomaster 400 flo valve and it will hang up all the rime causing me to flush it over and over til it stops running. I have two of thease purchaced from home depot. I have owned thease for several years now and just thought that's the way they were surposed to run. iam looking for the water to bust into floor and flood house when iam on a vacation.

James O. said
859 days ago
My house was flooded causing extensive damage by a fluidmaster no Burt's hose last week. The nut cracked around the bottom.

Daniel L. said
759 days ago
Bought fluid master dual flush kit that stated it was guaranteed to fit all toilets, we'll it was misleading and defective the seal was not correct and now it flooded ny basement and I have no use able toilet

Barry R. said
494 days ago
I had one burst causing flooding and a lot of damage to my mobil.home .This was not a toilet hose but one to my kitchen sink of course a fluid master

460 days ago
I am a contractor who attached a new supply line to an existing fluid master toilet connection nut. Everything was fine. About 4 hours after I left the job the nut burst and caused thousands of dollars of damage to 1st floor. My insurance company is battling it out with the home owners ins.company. I do not feel I did anything negligent. It was working fine when I left the job. The toilet was an older model that had a fluid master nut and fill valve installer in prior years.

Thinh N. said
357 days ago
Yes, but I replaced the 3 toilets

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