Family Dollar named in class action lawsuit for falsely advertising Tropic Sun Aloe Vera Gel

Family Dollar Stores

This is a nationwide consumer class action brought by Plaintiff on behalf of all individuals who purchased Defendants’ Tropic Sun Aloe Vera Gel.

Family Dollar Defendants advertise, market, sell, and distribute the Product. The Product’s label declares it to be “Made with 100% Pure Aloe.” According to the Product’s ingredient label, it contains “Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.” In reality, according to independent laboratory tests, Defendants’ Product contain no actual Aloe Vera at all.

The complaint alleges that the product’s label is false, deceptive and misleading, in violation of the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetics Act and its parallel state statutes, and almost every state warranty, consumer protection, and product labeling law in the United States.

Tina A. said
458 days ago
I have bought and used this product from Family Dollar in Ohio!!

Kenesha S. said
405 days ago
My grandmother has been using this product for years. This was the only product that healed her skin recently this product has been watered down and does not heal anymore this has distress my grandmother and therefore has stressed the whole family emotionally and physically there is no other product that worked

Nora M. said
402 days ago
I filed by changed my email address... the email I had was if you need to reach me my new email is

Tolejala M. said
395 days ago
I have been using this for about 2 weeks and today as of April 20,2017 I ran out and baught another Tropic Sun Aloe Vera Gel.The reason i was using it was because i have boils under my armpit and i thought it was working ,but the boils have not went away .It does give a cooling affect but i was willing to try it because i know that Aloe heals and just to know i have been waisting my time with this the whole time is making me very angry.

Nicole R. said
253 days ago
I bought this in New Mexico for my family!

Tasha J. said
68 days ago
Yes i just purchased this Tropic Sun product yesterday at a Family Dollar store in Southwest Detroit. Im upset the company outright lied about its ingredients,i have small red bumps on my face after using this product. I searched for 2 years for this product i used in the past,to only be sorely disappointed. Shame on yall crooks i paid good money on a bad product😖😥

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