Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc named in class action lawsuit alleging false advertising

Dr Pepper Snapple

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc.’s (DPSG) popular beverage, Diet Dr. Pepper, is sweetened with aspartame, a non-caloric sweetener, rather than sugar. Because of the product’s use of the term “diet,” and its lack of calories, consumers reasonably believe that drinking Diet Dr. Pepper will assist in weight loss or management.

According to the complaint, scientific evidence demonstrates this is wrong because non-nutritive sweeteners like aspartame interfere with the body’s ability to properly metabolize calories, leading to weight gain and increased risk of metabolic disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

As alleged, DPSG’s marketing Diet Dr. Pepper as “diet” is false, misleading, and unlawful. Plaintiff brings this action on behalf of herself, other Diet Dr. Pepper consumers, and the general public, to enjoin DPSG from continuing to misleadingly advertise Diet Dr. Pepper, and to recover restitution and damages for the class.


Angel G. said
346 days ago
Both my mother and I have been drinking diet doctor pepper for years and steadily gained weight even through exercise and eating right.

william d. said
346 days ago
I have been drinking diet dr pepper since I was diagnosed with diabetes years ago I have gain steadily I watch what I eat and my a1c is normal but I still gain weight.

Andrea B. said
345 days ago
I too have gained more than 20 lbs ever since I started drinking Diet Dr. Pepper. I wasn't sure if I'd lose weight but certainly did not attribute this to the weight gain. Now it makes sense! I have done more exercise and eat reasonably healthy.

jon l. said
342 days ago

Christina M. said
299 days ago
I limit my intake of soda, switched to diet Dr. P because I was just trying to be healthier, still exercise and am on the go all the time, but have noticed that none of my pants fit now. It makes sense, the diet part of the name is a lie, dieting helps you to shed pounds, not put more weight on! I have gained almost 20 pounds for "no reason" but it all makes sense now! NO MORE! I'm dumping out the last few cans in my refrigerator! I feel very lied to by their shady marketing tactics. The only change is that I gained weight after switching! At least now I know why. Seriously sketchy Dr. P. - seriously uncool.

Enith M. said
295 days ago
I have never lost weight drinking diet Dr.pepper even with reducing calories dramictally.

Nichole C. said
294 days ago
Issues with my 2008 Ford Edge Limited. Replaced bothistrut plate and made thinner than a quarter. Also transmission shifting issues.

Terry H. said
56 days ago
I have been drinking Diet Dr. Pepper the last 3 months and have gained 22 lbs.
Its the only thing different. If I stop my weight will start going back down.

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