CVS Health, Inc. named in class action lawsuit alleging that CVS misrepresented the effectiveness of its Advanced Eye Health supplement

CVS Caremark

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (“AMD”) is the leading cause of blindness in  the developed world, and accounts for more than 50% of all blindness in the United States. Two National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) studies found a specific formula of nutritional supplements effective in slowing AMD’s progression and in reducing the risk of developing the disease as well. These studies are referred to as Age-Related Eye Disease Studies (“AREDS”).

As alleged in the complaint, CVS Health, Inc. (“CVS”) markets its Advanced Eye Health supplement by calling it “comparable to” the NIH study formula. But the Advanced Eye Health supplement is in no way comparable to the NIH study formula. It only contains ingredients that the NIH found ineffective at slowing the progression of AMD (omega-3 fatty acids), and two carotenoids that NIH said could be used as an alternative to the originally studied carotenoid beta-carotene. NIH’s study did not find that these two carotenoids have any independent effect on AMD.

Plaintiffs bring this proposed class action on behalf of consumers deceived by CVS’ s misrepresentations of Advanced Eye Health’s comparability to the AMD formula NIH found effective and who unwittingly bought the CVS product thinking, incorrectly, that it would slow the progression of AMD, or would help avoid contracting the disease altogether.

Wanda B. said
18 days ago
I had purchased 3 bottles of the CVS Advanced Eye Health Dietary Supplements. I was aware that they weren't equivalent to the name brands on the market. There was a sign identifying the CVS brand were equivalent to the name brands on the market. I was tricked and lost money buying the CVS brand.

Howard F. said
17 days ago
Www adress did nitwork

Howard F. said
17 days ago
Www adress did nitwork

17 days ago

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