BMW named in class action lawsuit over defects in cars equipped with N63B4400 engines


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Plaintiff bring this class action lawsuit against BMW on behalf of all persons who currently own or lease a 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X5 and/or X6 model BMW equipped with the 4.4-liter V8 version of the N63B4400 engine, manufactured between 2008 and 2013.

As alleged, these engines suffer reliability issues that result from problems relating to the timing chain, fuel injectors, mass airflow sensors, crankcase vent lines, battery, the engine vacuum pump and low-pressure fuel sensors. Such problems led to more serious concerns such as excessive battery drainage (the “Battery Defect”), oil leakage (the “Oil Defect”) and engine seizure, often causing pistons to crack the engine block due to the high pressure (the “Engine Defect”). Such engine reliability issues have arisen with the N63 Engine regardless of mileage, sometimes even occurring in vehicles with less than 20,000 miles.



Demetrius N. said
407 days ago
I have the exact same issues with no help from BMW.

Shuntinette F. said
406 days ago
I had a 745 with all of those issues ID like to put a claim

Robin H. said
391 days ago
I have the same problem with my 750LI. I want to sue BMW they get too much money for these cars to be allowed to rob the people. Crooks is what they are and they should be ashemed that a outstanding company such as BMW would stoop to such a dissappointing behavioral practice to gain and rob the public.

Dara R. said
388 days ago
I'm having this issue right now!

sheldon m. said
368 days ago
Im having to deal with the same issue with 42,308 miles on car

sheldon m. said
368 days ago
Im having to deal with the same issue with 42,308 miles on car

sheldon m. said
368 days ago
Im having same issues. Will they make this actual recall instead of a customer care package?

Scott S. said
351 days ago
I have these issues as well with no help from bmw and especially valve stem issue, smoke from exhaust whybus this no mentioned and its a 2005 why only 2008-2013 thats sucks man BMW sucks worst car ever owned x5 paid for but worth $0

Scott S. said
351 days ago
I have these issues as well with no help from bmw and especially valve stem issue, smoke from exhaust whybus this no mentioned and its a 2005 why only 2008-2013 thats sucks man BMW sucks worst car ever owned x5 paid for but worth $0

Scott S. said
351 days ago

Noel C. said
340 days ago
Problem with the 2011 BMW X6

Jorge R Salinas . said
253 days ago
I have this problem with my 2004 X5 with only 53,000 miles and no help from BMW Dealer or factory they ignored me been looking for help since 8 months ago.

Sandra W. said
250 days ago
Same problem with my 2004 X5 4.4i

Kathleen S. said
196 days ago
I had the oil housing replaced on my BMW 528i and one month later the timing chain broke and my entire engine had to be replaced. This car had the entire electrical system go out only a few days after I purchased it.

Marilyn P. said
195 days ago
This is bs to spend so much money on their vehicles and we all have these problems yet no kne from bmw has stepped up. I decided today this 2011 550i will be my VERY LAST BMW PURCHASE EVER! I will also be sure to share my start to end experience with anyone I come across looking to buy into bmw. Poor quality exact opposite of what I expected. I had the 2010 550i also last year and it also had a oil issue within a week.

Barbara S. said
134 days ago
I have had it with my 2012 BMW 550i, that has been inoperable and sitting in my garage for over a year. BMW refuses to be accountable for the N63 engine issues and I refuse to put anymore money into the vehicle. BMW must be accountable.

michael m. said
114 days ago

michael m. said
114 days ago
same issues with 2010 750li

Michael G. said
98 days ago
2012 BMW 750ilx M-Series
Have had problems with oil consumption, battery, vacuum pump, fuel injectors, seals, loss of power while driving, etc. This vehicle has had the transfer case replaced twice and is currently in for service with the same diagnosis. The dealer is attempting to replace the transfer case a third time. Multiple transmission/engine malfunction warning lights have indicated problems in the past. With the latest transfer case failure, there was no warning light to alert me of any problem with the vehicle. I have paperwork on all work performed since I bought the CPO vehicle. The value of the vehicle has plummeted in value as consumers become aware of issues with the N63 engine. BMW has been aware of issues with the N63 for years, but did not recall the vehicles. Instead they attempt to make repairs when problems occur. These are safety and reliability issues. I deserve a solution more meaningful than an offer by BMW of $1,000 towards a new CPO vehicle or $2,000 on a new vehicle.

Merenica B. said
84 days ago
I purchased my 2012 BMW X6 50i, in 2014. The car had 54k miles on it and body wise was in great condition. After driving it for a couple of weeks I noticed it would jerk upon accelloration. This problem was fixed when I took it to BMW the replaced the fuel injectors. After this issue, I noticed I had a lot of smoke coming from my tail pipe and I always have to refill my oil. I took it to BMW for this diagnosis and they told me the oil consumption for a V8 Twin Turbo was okay for this. months later I had to get the air-conditioning system replaced. A very costly repair almost $4k. The repair shop noticed that my passenger side valve gasket needed to be replaced. This was an $1100.00. this car is a lemon and BMW did not make it well. There is also a recall to the airbag system in which they claim to not have a remedy and it affects your trade in value.

Mark B. said
81 days ago
My car has had the engine rebuilt twice and the engine just blew, so I just received a new engine. Still has problems.

75 days ago
Purchased a 2012 BMW X6M in April of 2016. Immediately had to replace the oxygen sensors, fuel injectors (covered under recall). I was driving and gray smoke started coming out of the back end. Had it towed in and was told the oil chain broke, which caused two rods to break and I now have a hole in my engine block. BMW will not give us a straight answer of how this happens to a car with 56k miles, we are just outside the power train warranty and they are refusing to help or back their products. This occurred Sept 1. I now have a loan on a dead car. I would like to participate in the class action suit.

Brad A. said
70 days ago
I own 2011550xi 43kmile rod and bearing went, so far 18k in damage.

Pamela F. said
69 days ago
2012 BMW X6 50i with the same oil consumption issues (refill every 800 miles), not to mention the airbag recall with no parts availability! I have emailed and talked to BMW NA repeatedly and so far have only received $3500 brand loyalty discount on CPO or new purchase since this is my 4th BMW from same dealership. Merely a drop in the bucket for what is owed on the vehicle...

Kent B. said
64 days ago
Same issuez

Ronell B. said
22 days ago
Same issue with that they should correct on their behalf

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