Attorneys open investigation on potentially defective drive shaft center bearing in 2002-2010 Porsche Cayenne vehicles


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Attorneys have opened an investigation of the 2002-2010 Porsche Cayenne (First Generation Porsche Cayenne) vehicles which have an allegedly defective drive shaft center bearing that is prone to premature failure.  When the drive shaft bearing or its support fails, it may lead to extreme vibration and noise, and may damage the drive shaft itself, which would affect the drivability of the vehicle.

This is a common issue in the 2002-2010 Porsche Cayennes that reportedly was corrected in later model years. Porsche dealers typically require replacement of the entire drive shaft if the drive shaft bearing fails. This repair will can cost several thousand dollars.

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Adam S. said
787 days ago
Just got this issue on wife's 2009 Cayenne. No recalls on this issue still. Need to get it checked out and definitely don't want to pay dealer price to fix it all.

Susan D. said
736 days ago
2008 Cayenne: drive shaft getting fixed as I type. Husband recalls it already having been replaced once at same dealer.

Marie S. said
729 days ago
Yes. I had to replace my drive shaft in a 2009 Porsche Cayenne. My mechanic told me about the defect. I am an Idaho resident and I purchased it in Idaho. Can I get reimbursed by Porsche?

brian j. said
714 days ago
i have this issue. have not driven car in months cause i thought it was my fault for some reason and it was going to cost a lot to fix.. this is def porsche issue.. no dought a safety recall should be in effect!!! I ALMOST DIED WHEN IT BROKE!! i was shifting gears and i was stuck in middle of road near Boston with rush hour traffic flying at me! thank God i got it to the side of road where it got towed. my extended warranty is over..

George S. said
441 days ago
I had to replace my drive shaft in my 2006 Porsche Cayenne S . My mechanic said this is a notorious problem. Can I get reimbursed for the repairs costs by Porsche?

Alison M. said
360 days ago
I own a Porsche 2004 Porsche Cayenne, This has been a problem for me as well. I was driving and all of a sudden I heard a thumping noise. I thought my tire was flat, but it was not. I dove it again and the noise got worst. I took it in and they told me my drive shaft was damaged. They mentioned that it was a common problem with Porsche. I paid lots of money to have it repaired.

Rick S. said
351 days ago
I own a 2009 Porsche Cayenne and just had the same problem. The problem started less than 4 miles from my house, I took to a foreign car specialist and they said originally it was the drive shaft bearing and that plus the drive shaft kits would be $650.00, they called me back later and said the full drive shaft needed to be replaced for several hundred more dollars.

David V. said
295 days ago
I purchased my Cayenne 2009 approximately in the year 2013. A year and a half after owning it the center bearing of the driveshaft broke. Fortunately, I was covered by the warranty. But now I'm going through a frustrating situation where I've replaced one center bearing once and two complete driveshafts in the last 3 months. I don't know what is causing the problem but is draining my pocket. Can you please advise.

Michael Y. said
276 days ago
I have a 2009, replaced at 60k just after certified warranty expired, now at 104k. Waiting to see if will fail at 120k. please advise

John C. said
274 days ago
I have replaced twice no having issues again on a 2008

John C. said
274 days ago
I have replaced twice no having issues again on a 2008

Judith G. said
264 days ago
2004 Porsche Cayenne driveshaft problems paid lots of money for repairs. I just traded this car in due to it turning into a money pit . Failed emissions test , coolant issues , loud thumping on gear shifting, fuel pump etc. Please help ! I would love to know why I was never informed about any of these issues, recalls and class action lawsuits.

Roque K. said
246 days ago
I am currently getting my 2004 porshe cayenne fix on one recall.

Regina T. said
240 days ago
Hi. I’ve had the drive shaft on my 2005 Porsche Cayenne S twice. This is utterly ridiculous to spend all this money repairing a SUV that originally cost close to $100k. I’m like one of the other people on this thread, I thought I had done something wrong. I’ve had the coolant pipe issue, issues with headlights & now issues with my fuel pump. In addition, I’ve told I need a new alternator & a new starter. This car is a serious money pit & I think Porsche should not only pay for repairs but should pay for our inconvenience, wear & tear plus for my car losing value due to Porsche’s taking the position of trying to hide this problem from the owners like me.

Vladimir Z. said
233 days ago
2010 Cayenne the noise while expatriating just started....I'm being told it is the drive shaft that Porsche has been having problems with right at 75K. Porsche should pay if it is so common and a known problem.

Shirvany R. said
209 days ago
I have a 2006 Cayenne SUV which is also experiencing the the "shuttering" while at low shall we proceed with this Recall??!!
This is very frightening and our only means of transportation!

jeff b. said
198 days ago
08 cayenne s bad driveshaft ruined vacation gotta love it

Terry J. said
172 days ago
2006 Cayenne S just happened last week. Bought used 5 months ago. Waiting for estimate...feeling sick.

susan s. said
165 days ago
We are having this problem with our 2004 Cayenne.

Sean S. said
136 days ago
I am experiencing the same problem with my 04 cayenne turbo . What rights do I have ?

Michael Y. said
131 days ago
2009 cayenne replaced at 62000, now at112000, waiting for the failure!!

Binh T. said
130 days ago
I had it replaced around 50K, and it is now broke again at 110K. Cost to have it replaced at Porsche dealership $2,500.

Byron H. said
121 days ago
I purchased a 2004 Cayenne in 2006 from Carmax. Not longer after we had to replace the driveshaft (I was told it was bent) and the transmission control. Now in April, 2018 I am having the drive shaft replaced again - bearing failed ($1500 but not at dealer which charges $3000). Porsche dealer says there has not been a recall. Defect in manufacture is a serious problem

Jon J. said
112 days ago
Same problem, Porsche does not care because they haven’t been forced to by law.

dorothy a. said
87 days ago
I was feeling a vibration at take so I took my car to the shop this morning and its the rubber inside the rear differential so they said i need a drive shaft which is 2500 to 3000 to replace.

Anna C. said
84 days ago
I have a 2006 Porsche Cayenne that I have had to replace the bearing in drive shaft a year ago, and am having another issue with drive shaft now

Angel D. said
76 days ago
I got in my cayenne and drove down the street and the car started shaking and vibrating I thought a tire was going bad but little did I know the driveline had came apart to fix that was 1800.00 dallors

Kecia W. said
70 days ago
Yes I am having the same issue. This is my second 2006 Porsche Cayenne, both had the same issue. The car shakes and cannot go over 35 mph. I am very disappointed, especially to know so many people had this problem.

Daniel W. said
56 days ago
I am experiencing the same shaking as some of the reviews I have read about. Will have my mechanic check. Thanks in advance.

Kimberly A. said
55 days ago
Good Afternoon,
My name is Kimberly Askew -Donaldson. I purchased a pre-owned 2006 Cayenne Porsche and has since had the center bearing replaced. The repair cost me $600.00. However in addition to the $600.00 repair, I was told that the differential (Drive - Shaft) needs to be replaces as well, which the mechanic quoted me a price of $3300.00 to $3800.00 for the drive shaft repair. The total cost of the entire cost of the bearing and drive shaft is $4401.54. If possible, please give me a call at 919 353 4665, as i need assistance with this matter. Thanks.....

Nancy H. said
51 days ago
I just completed replacement of the drive shaft caused from a faulty bearing in my 2010 Cayenne S.

Patrick N. said
38 days ago
The same i jave a 2010 Cayenne Porsche S with this same issue.

Drew D. said
30 days ago
2004 Cayenne driveshaft problems hard vibrations and knocking seems to be under middle console. I bought this car used out of Walnut Creek ca. Not long ago and don’t want to spend nearly half the cost of car to fix it.

lurele s. said
30 days ago
yes happened to mines today

Brett L. said
26 days ago
Just hit 70k miles on my 2009 and it went. Had a 2008 and it went around 75k miles.

Nicole M. said
20 days ago
2008 Porsche CTT owned it 7 months, driveshaft replaced twice. 1st one was aftermarket. lasted 1000 mls. 2nd From Porsche Norwell "NEW FIX" $2100 part only. NOT the original mount and bearing... Will be seeking compensation.

Steven P. said
16 days ago
Just failed on my 2009 at 76k miles. Perfect timing.

Oksana B. said
14 days ago
My 2009 has the same issue with the drive shaft. The support gave way and caused the drive shaft to fail. The entire drive shaft, support etc. must be replaced.

Jennifer P. said
9 days ago
Center support bearing fail & it did more damage when it failed! 2004 Cayenne S..

Dondrea S. said
9 days ago
My 2008 Porsche Cayenne with 100000 miles and my drive shaft went out. Mechanic said this is a common problem with Porsche Cayenne's. Why isn't a recall to fix this problem. Cost me 1300.00 dollars.

Jeremy Z. said
4 days ago
2008 Cayenne drive shaft being replaced tomorrow. 68,000 Miles driven. Is there a class action I can join?

Robert P. said
4 days ago
Mine failed @97000 miles. Porsche dealer says they have seen many of these failures before. Porsche says the entire driveshaft needs to be replaced (with the same bad support?) for $2200. Found the driveshaft on Amazon for $220 and local mechanic that will install for $150.

Jeremy Z. said
3 days ago
See Jeremy Z response above

Gwayne L. said
3 days ago
Brought in my '05 S for 4 yr maintenance and they took a look underneath...of course they found this and and showed me the cracking in the bushing. $2,300. I swear the car sounds louder than it used to.

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