Wise Company named in class action lawsuit alleging the company falsely advertises its long term emergency food supplies

Wise Company


The Wise Company specializes in the manufacture and sale of survival food. Among its products are long-term food supplies which are claimed to contain enough food to last an adult for one, three, six and twelve month periods.  An independent investigation has revealed, however, that the caloric content of these food supplies are far below what is necessary for an average adult to live healthily (i.e. not starve) for those periods of time.

This is a class action filed by Plaintiffs on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated who have suffered and will continue to suffer harm as a result of Wise Company’s unlawful, unfair, and deceptive advertising and business practices. It arises out of Wise Company’s material misrepresentations and omissions in connection with the marketing and sale of its long-term and emergency food kits, which it touts as disaster preparedness solutions. Specifically, Wise Company represents on its website, its packaging, and other marketing materials that these food kits will last for and healthily sustain consumers for the advertised periods of time. However, Wise Company fails to disclose that if the consumer in fact eats the number of prescribed servings each day necessary to make the food kits last for the advertised period of time, the consumer will effectively starve given that the food kits provide drastically fewer calories and nutrients than are needed to adequately sustain adults for the advertised periods of time.


John M. said
803 days ago
Hoping this turns out to be false.i purchased a 30 day box this winter.if its ever needed ,calories/carbs and nutrition are what this product is all about.

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