AT&T Sued for Violating Family Medical Leave Act


According to the lawsuit, AT&T ranks its employees by total absences each month. AT&T calculates its employees’ absences using a “total absence policy” whereby all absences,including AT&T-designated Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) protected leave, are the basis for the rankings. When AT&T determines that an employee is in the bottom 30% of its attendance records based on its monthly total absence calculations, its policy is to “black list” the so-called “FMLA abuser” and target the employee for termination. AT&T’s policy is therefore to consider AT&T -designated FMLA-protected leave as a negative factor in its adverse employment decisions.

The lawsuit was brought on behalf AT&T customer service representatives and “Levell” Managers (“Class Members”) for AT&T’s alleged violations of the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”).

theresa s. said
1126 days ago

Christine D. said
1057 days ago
I quit ATT on 12/31/2012 because of the constant harassment, management screwed up my paperwork and the company played the "let me transfer you" game on me, much like they do their "valued" customers. Every department manager I spoke with said I don't handle that you'll have to call ATT FMLA department. The FMLA department said i needed to call my manager or department. I went to Wage and hour division in my state and thats when the hell really began. I finally had enought and quit.

good o. said
1028 days ago
do not take employment at att, its better to be unemployed !!!

Sonya J. said
933 days ago
I was terminated from AT&T a few months ago I was a tenure employer for over 10 years termination was based on absenteeism but due to denial of FMLA I am seeking an attorney or to be assisted in a class action law suit regarding this matter

Ella J. said
875 days ago
I was dismissed from att and then brought back due to barginning with the union and att and placed on 2yr probation for fmla absence not being filed correctly.

lana s. said
832 days ago
I was fired for usinh fmla. I was later re-hired but harassed and hounded until they fired me again. I was told by a supv that they wete going to find a reason that would stick.

Rachelle M. said
684 days ago
I was fired from AT&T Sept. 25, 2012 for "absences". I was on Short Term Disability after being diagnosed with MS. My doctor extended the disability first time because it had taken several months to get in to him because he was a specialist. He extended it because he was putting me on medication and needed to give my body time to adjust and see if there was something else he needed to put me on. (AT&T didn't have problem extending that) He extended the second time because I still hadn't been able to be put on meds. This one they wouldn't extend-and denied both of my argument things, and sent me a Return To Work letter. Very long story short-after I went back (before my dr had wanted me to) I was terminated for absences. They use the FMLA the same time as STD, and counted ALL that time the dr had me out that they had denied against me. (BTW, seems they denied the extensions and said I wasn't disabled for the WRONG condition (for diabetes-which I have but never been disabled from-instead of MS).
Got my Right To Sue letter from the EEOC yesterday and now looking for attorney!

JOAN J. said
661 days ago
AT&T says that an employee has sick leave however they have the employees signup for FMLA to protect their attendance record. Employees are not paid for sick leave and if does not qualify under FMLA it is counted as an occurance

479 days ago
Att has denied my Fmla . I was sick in June , my boss sent home. I went to the Dr. Submitted my Fmla paper work. And was denied and placed on one day off with on pay. And on going problem att and kaiser .

viginia r. said
465 days ago
I was fired due to 2 days of paperwork were left at my Dr. office to be processed. She left the practice so I get the boot.

viginia r. said
465 days ago
I have worked there thirteen years. My Sister was kidnapped & murdered, and one year my husband of 28 yea s, leaves me. Yes anxiety, depression, uncontrollable. I told something personal about my Dr., and this payroll mgr. brings it up at my first appeal. Against the law Patient & Dr. conf. Evil is all I can say.

Karen . said
396 days ago
I had the same issue. I was terminated for using APPROVED FMLA. I had over 12 years of service.

Karen . said
396 days ago

Susan H. said
351 days ago
AT&T put fmla on final denial, saying they could not read all of the submited(on time) paperwork via fax. I resubmitted, and then they wanted the DR. to write a letter saying he was responsible for the fax not transmitting properly. everytime I called it was a different excuse. However they approved some of the days and not all of the days, for the same paperwork. I will be fired next week and the union will file a grievance... need a lawyer. This happens a lot.

Alfredo S. said
345 days ago
I have submitted FMLA forms 5 times and I am denied or given different excuses each time. As soon as I complete the paperwork I am asked to do something different, they even went as far as to say they lost a page on reason number 5. I've had my newborns therapist and pediatrician submit the forms with no luck and I know have 5 attendance points,so 16yrs with AT&T and this may get me fired for taking care of my son.

Alfredo S. said
345 days ago
I have submitted FMLA forms 5 times and I am denied or given different excuses each time. As soon as I complete the paperwork I am asked to do something different, they even went as far as to say they lost a page on reason number 5. I've had my newborns therapist and pediatrician submit the forms with no luck and I know have 5 attendance points,so 16yrs with AT&T and this may get me fired for taking care of my son.

joong i. said
315 days ago
For the past 5 years, I've successfully litigated against AT&T/Pacific Bell/AT&T Services, Inc, on behalf of consumer call center employees who were wrongfully terminated due to FMLA/STD issues. I currently have several pending cases throughout CA. If you have any questions about your case, contact

Darlene J. said
185 days ago
I was given .25 points for not being able to log in after lunch on my computer I did not realize I was getting points until given counseling notice for 4.25 points 1.25 were points I should not of had . after figuring out I was receiving them for xcomputer issues I could not go back and get them removed becausr i did not document them it contined to be a issue I would receive .25 point everytime I had computer issue then I would email my manager with exacttime of issueand what manager knew of computer issue it wkuldtake four emails to get it removed well i was termi ated because points did not get removed like my manager said they wrre and i was terminwted requested union rep and wad denied

Pamela K. said
108 days ago
I was harassed for 5 years in Columbus,Ohio.The manager still I am sure is doing the same thing.If you like to talk with me call me.

Kristen W. said
48 days ago
I went on leave in June 2015 for a symptom that I thought was related to the Endometriosis that I was going to have a hysterectomy for but found out that it was Multiple Sclerosis. So I was off one month before my hysterectomy. I was denied twice for the month's pay although I sent in all the required paperwork. The IDSC was a week late sending me the paper work and didn't even save my phone number for a case manager to contact me. When I did get a case manager, she was rude and cold. I just want my month's pay so I can pay some bills, but I guess I am asking for too much from a multi-billion dollar company.

lorena m. said
8 days ago
I was employed from 2/2001-feb 2006 I would like to see if i am able to join class action suit

Irma R. said
7 days ago
I am currently on short term disability, my first disability claim was approved for 8 days, i relapsed and my treatment included partial hospitilization. The paper work submitted for the relapse was approved thru a set date. My provider called that date "estimiated" date to complete treatment and my work called it my last approved date and return to work was a must unless more paper work was submitted to cover the unforseen extended dates wher i required treatment. My provider did delay about two weeks to submit the new paper work and during that time i had to call in to work every day as it was considered "denied status", i called one day and asked if i had to report in the morning or if it could wait until the afternoon as i was sometimes incapacitated and unable to make a call to report before my scheduled tour. the clerk said i could call in later in the day when needed. a few days later i actually needed to calll a few hours later than usual and my manager told me i had to call before my scheduled time. i explained my situation an she reiderated that if i could not call for myself to report out someone had to do it for me. I explained i dont have anyone and she didnt care, repeated what appeared to be a verbatum statment and asked me if i understood my responsiblitty, i was forced to say yes. .. i understood. I was able to meed the demand however one day i actually was not able to and called in late agin to report out on my short term disability which at that pointt was still being revewed for approval or denial. she again threatened me , accused me of not following directive and it being a code of business violation... that was my final warning. Thank God it hasnt happened again so far. My issue now is that because my claim with disabilty is still under review pending a confrence call between disabilty dept and my heallth care provider, my managers are not willing to wait for the result and are requesting me to return to work tomorrow. I am still in partial hospitilaztion, i have not been discharged from my treatment plan, and being forced to return to work. I called my union stewart and he called to advocate for me, he was told i needed to follow the directive or could be released from work if i failed to follow that directive. Option two given to my union member was that my manager would allow an extention made by him giving me my day off for treatment tomorrow however the claim had to be complete and approved by 8am tuesday (return to wrk day is tomorrow friday, then the weekend , then monday and tuesday are part of thanksgiving week holiday) chances are its not going to be done in that time frame. If i accepted that option union and i would have to sign a document stating we would not pursue action if come tuesday my claim was not done or if it was rejected i would be fired. My union also mentioned to me that my manager premeditated what was going to happen... that i would show up to work and that i would possibly need EMS and that he would be ready to call them for me. I feel harrassed and on the verge of a breakdown. It is 4am and i cant sleep, in less than 3 hours i will be on my way to work , i feel helpless. I have worked at AT&T since i was 19 years old and i am now over 30... i dont deserve this. I have been a great employee and going through a very difficult time health wise, my unit manager and attendance manger could , if they wanted to, wait for my disabilty claim to have a decision yet they are pulling me from my treatment and back to work before my claim has been fully reviewed and finailized.

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