Alacer Corporation maker of ‘Emergen-C’ faces class action

Alacer Corporation

A class action lawsuit was against Alacer Corporation alleging the company engaged in unfair and deceptive practices in marketing its “Emergen-C” product.

Class plaintiff Nicholas J. Gianino alleges Alacer misled the public into believing Emergen-C boosts the immune system and decreases the likelihood of getting sick.  “Alacer’s representations of the medical efficacy of ‘Emergen-C’ are false,” the suit states. “‘Emergen-C’ does not boost the immune system, it offers no protection against germs, it provides no health protection or support and has no effect on getting or remaining sick.”

Katherine G. said
1147 days ago
My family has been buying this product locally and online long before 2009. No one contacted us about the class action or the settlement. We discovered it today after being unable to buy the product anywhere including online merchants. I have been sick.
Yours respectfully,
Katherine Graham, Esq. (Retired)

Katherine G. said
1147 days ago
But I don't care. I would not sue anyone. It is not Christian.

Jeane G. said
1118 days ago
We have been buying this product for over 10 years. Specially the Joint Health is an awesome product. My husband had his knee reconstructed, and he can tell the difference while using the Joint Formula. Who is the person who put their name on the lawsuit against the company ? Is it someone who was looking to make huge amounts of money by making it merely impossible for those of us who need the product to purchase it ?
When something is Immune Health Supporting it does not mean that one is totally protected against everything. How silly. But the version of this product with MSM and 1,000mg C was a great help when I pulled a knee, and was able to sip on water with the packet all day long. When I ran out I noticed that healing of my knee reached a plateau. Then I found another box of the MSM formula and knee progressed again.

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