1-800 CONTACTS, INC. named in class action lawsuit


The Complaint was filed on behalf of “All persons who, while residing in and physically present in the State of California, (1) participated in at least one telephone communication with a live representative of defendants that was recorded by defendants; (2) were not notified by defendants that their telephone communication was being recorded; and (3) are identifiable through defendants’ records.

The Complaint further alleges defendants routinely recorded incoming and outgoing telephone communications with customers who resided in and were physically present in the State of California without notifying the customers that the communications were being recorded in violation of  California Penal Code Section 630 which prohibits the intentional recording of a confidential communication without the consent of all parties to the communication and  California Penal Code Section 632.7 which prohibits the intentional recording of a confidential communication without the consent of all parties where one of the parties to the communicatio is using a cellular or cordless telephone.

The Defendants violated Sections 632 and 632.7 by intentionally recording confidential communications with plaintiff and other Class members without obtaining their consent. As a result of defendants’ conduct, plaintiff and the Class members have been injured.

sheila p. said
1693 days ago
I would like to be part of the class action suit; I did talk to a rep of this company by phone.

jan r. said
1691 days ago
I always spoke with a rep when ordering my lens and never made aware that my call was being recorded..For what??

Kathy S. said
1686 days ago
I spoke with a rep at least once

Pamela J. said
1649 days ago
I was notified of the law suit and time period when they where doing this recording. I looked back at my orders and found proof of calling in ordering in 11/05/2011. I talked to a rep. At least 2 to 3 times because they screwed up my order. Haven't heard about what's happing. Would like to hear about the progression of the case.

mary ann l. said
1627 days ago
Two months ago I recieved a form to fill out regarding this law suit. I mailed it back but I have no response as of yet. I would like to know the status of this case.

tammy k. said
1616 days ago
where do we stand with this lawsuit ?

Gretchen S. said
1611 days ago
What is going on with this lawsuit?

Jami V. said
1606 days ago
You guys are ridiculous. Get a job!!

A Current Customer~

jane d. said
1604 days ago
Jami v why are you even on here .

1602 days ago
I spoke with someone at the lawfirm and they checked to see if I was on "the list", I was . Havent heard anything back yet, this was in May 2013

Rachel A. said
1593 days ago
I spoke to someone 3 or 4 months ago.Could someone please return me my call back. I'd like to know whats happening in my case.ThankYou.Mrs Alvarez.

dioncia J. said
1588 days ago

dioncia J. said
1588 days ago

Steve n. said
1551 days ago
What difference does it make if the phone call is being recorded or not? You're ordering CONTACTS.

Pamela J. said
1549 days ago
They's people defending this huge company should really ask themselves if they broke a law and got caught would they get in trouble? now they are getting in trouble. Thats why there is courts judges and lawyers.

Elizabeth B. said
1546 days ago
I order contacts from them all the time. Who cares? Did you get your contacts? What important infomation could they possibly have gotten that you don't give out elsewhere? You guys are crazy. And if you read the papers they sent you, the final court hearing isn't until December 16, 10 am. You won't be hearing anythign until after that.

SarSar R. said
1545 days ago
If someone records a call about your contact lens prescription and gets away with it, pretty soon people will be recording your calls for any reason and getting away with it. Do you want everyone and their mom to know that you are on psych meds?

Corrina A. said
1541 days ago
I agree with the above comment, our call should not be recorded. I also ask myself in the end, who is really benefiting from this lawsuit and will it really make a difference?

Karen T. said
1530 days ago
My response is due by november I can't find my letter I need to call a rep need number please

eric l. said
1529 days ago
I was taped by Bank of America rep without my consent.

Jacquelyn G. said
1528 days ago

Jacquelyn G. said
1528 days ago
And it is a violation of HIPA we have rights that are slowly being taken away.... Communist country here we come

Karen T. said
1524 days ago
Does anyone have the number or fax so I can reply

Brooke c. said
1520 days ago
I had ordered contacts twice and was not notified of my phone called being recorded

Brooke c. said
1520 days ago
I had ordered contacts twice and was not notified of my phone called being recorded

Norma R. said
1516 days ago
I submitted forms but have not hear anything.

derron o. said
1501 days ago
IM wondering how many people are involved so i could see how much Im getting back they just got sued for 11 mil

Tracy B. said
1318 days ago
I ordered from 1800 contacts quite a few times in the past. Never knew I was being recorded. Gave my credit card numbers and everything. I guess that explains my recent ID theft.

Celia G. said
1101 days ago
They always mentioned that it was recorded for quality assurance purposes to me I never have had a problem and continue to order contacts from them.

Kyra S. said
613 days ago
I have been a customer with 1800 contacts for many years.
I have proof that I called in an order in 2010 and 2011.
I am wondering why I was not notified of the class action suit

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