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  • Ford Motor
    9/7/2016 — Lawyers have opened an investigation into the failure of the TSS and OSS sensors in Ford Edge vehicles   Read more »
  • Porsche
    5/20/2016 — Attorneys open investigation on potentially defective drive shaft center bearing in 2002-2010 Porsche Cayenne vehicles   Read more »
  • Pepisco
    2/25/2016 — Quaker Oats (PepsiCo) and others accused of mislabeling products by Maple Syrup Producers’ Associations -- Investigation opened   Read more »
  • Acura
    1/22/2016 — Investigation of 2013-14 Acura MDX and RDX vehicles equipped with Variable Cylinder Management system over excessive noise and vibration   Read more »
  • Bertolli
    11/13/2015 — Seven of Italy’s best-known olive oil companies are being investigated for mislabeling inferior quality virgin olive oil as extra-virgin   Read more »

Recently Filed Cases

  • Trader Joe's
    5/18/2018 — Trader Joe’s named in class action lawsuit for false advertisement of fruit bars.   Read more »
  • Huuuge Inc
    5/18/2018 — Huuuge Inc named in class action lawsuit for violating state prohibitions on gambling   Read more »
  • General Mills
    5/18/2018 — General Mills and Small Planet Foods named in class action for false advertising   Read more »
  • Reily Foods Company
    5/18/2018 — Reily Foods Company named in class action over failure to disclose New England Hazelnut Crème Coffee is artificially and naturally flavored   Read more »
    4/23/2018 — BAI BRANDS, LLC named in class action lawsuit for failure to disclose existence of artificial flavoring   Read more »

Settled Cases

  • Bank Of America
    12/29/2017 — Bank of America pays $5.5 million to settle class action lawsuit over failure to properly report debt discharged in bankruptcy   Read more »
  • Endo Health Solutions
    1/30/2017 —  Endo Health Solutions settles class action lawsuit for shorting the fluoride in Multi-Vitamin with Fluoride Chewable Tablets   Read more »
  • Trump University
    1/30/2017 — Trump University settles class action lawsuit alleging it defrauded students   Read more »
  • Hyudai
    10/7/2016 — Hyundai settles engine defect class action   Read more »
  • Garmin Ltd
    7/26/2016 — Garmin Ltd. settles a class action lawsuit over allegations that its Forerunner 610 watch and watchband are defective   Read more »


Consumer Complaints


  • 12/29/2017 — When Organic is Not Organic   Read more »
  • D-Link
    1/5/2017 — FTC files lawsuit against D-Link alleging it put consumers’ privacy at risk due to inadequate security of its computer routers and cameras   Read more »
  • Unilever
    10/30/2016 — Unilever named in class action over falsely advertising Pure Leaf Iced Tea as all natural   Read more »
  • Yahoo
    9/25/2016 — Yahoo admits 500 million accounts hacked   Read more »
    9/25/2016 — Department of Education revokes accreditation from ACICS, the accrediting body for Corinthian and other for-profit institutions   Read more »