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  • 8/24/2014 — Water filters may not do what they claim   Read more »
  • Ford Motor Company
    5/24/2014 — Class Action Investigation: Ford investigated for faulty transmission in Focus and Fiesta vehicles   Read more »

  • 4/22/2014 — Investigation opened regarding linkage between testosterone therapy drugs and heart attacks and stroke   Read more »
  • Chrysler
    4/11/2014 — Investigation re: Chrysler’s 2009-2010 Dodge Ram trucks and 2009-2010 Dodge and Dakota trucks over defective rear differential   Read more »
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
    2/13/2014 — Toyota vehicles investigated for excessive oil usage   Read more »

Recently Filed Cases

  • 6/19/2014 — Intacct Corporation named in class action for failure to pay overtime wages to employees   Read more »
  • Ford Motor Co.
    5/22/2014 — Ford named in class action over Ford F-150 truck equipped with EcoBoost   Read more »
  • Nest Labs Inc.
    4/25/2014 — Nest Labs Inc named in class action for defective product   Read more »
  • Fitbit
    4/23/2014 — Fitbit named in class action over defective product   Read more »
  • BMW
    4/22/2014 — BMW named in class action lawsuit over defective timing chain tensioners in Mini Cooper vehicles   Read more »

Settled Cases


  • Chrysler
    8/26/2014 — Chrysler recalls 014 Jeep Cherokee and Ram 1500 and 2015 Chrysler 200 vehicles over defective rear shock welds.   Read more »
  • General Motors
    8/21/2014 — GM recalls 2014 Chevrolet Impala vehicles due to failure in power steering control module   Read more »
  • Ford Motor Company
    8/21/2014 — Ford recalls year 2012-2014 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles over improperly installed halfshaft retention circlip   Read more »
  • Kia Motors
    7/22/2014 — Kia recalls 2014 Kia Soul vehicles over potential loss of steering   Read more »
  • Chrysler
    7/9/2014 — Chrysler recalls Dodge Journey, Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country vehicles   Read more »

Consumer Complaints


  • CarMax
    6/30/2014 — Consumer and safety non-profit organizations petition the FTC to investigate CarMax over sales of used cars   Read more »
  • Whole Foods Market
    6/30/2014 — WholeFoods settles allegations for overcharging consumers on self-serve foods   Read more »
  • Chrysler
    3/6/2014 — Chrysler recalls 2014 Ram ProMaster vehicles over brake fluid leakage   Read more »
  • Jp Morgan / Chase
    2/6/2014 — J.P. Morgan Chase to Enters into Consent Decree and Agrees to Pay $1.45M to Resolve EEOC Class Sex Discrimination Lawsuit   Read more »
  • Pepisco
    2/3/2014 — Pepsico named in class action lawsuit alleging Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi One contain an amount of 4-methylimidazole (4-MeI), a carcinogen, sufficient to expose California consumers to substantial health risks   Read more »